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Lake Superior Mining Institute Meetings and Proceedings, Lansing or Ishpeming, Michigan; these volumes are well illustrated with numerous pictures and/or fold-out plates for the various papers presented at the meetings; all are in excellent condition except for several minor noted exceptions

Volume 13, 1908, Mesabi and Vermillion Ranges, cl, 256 pages, - 3 -, $ 50
Contents include:
Mine Waters
Hydroelectric Plant of the Penn Iron Mining Company, Vulcan, Michigan
Automatic Throttle Closing Device for Hoisting Machinery
Structures of the Mesabi Iron Ore
Acetylene as an underground light
The Standard Boiler House of the Oliver Iron Mining Company; Sampling of Iron Ores, more...

Volume 15, 1910, Gogebic Range, cl, 222 pages, - 3 -, $ 50
Contents include:
Underground steel construction
A diamond drill core section of the Mesabi Rocks
Proper Detonation of High Explosives
Underground Methods of Mining used in the Gogebic Range
Steel Head Frame No. 4 Shaft, Montreal Mine, more...

Volume 16, 1911, Menominee Range, Michigan, 265 pages, - 3 -, $ 50
Contents include:
Diamond drill core section of the Mesabi Rocks
Time keeping system, Crystal Falls Iron Company
Practical suggestions for diamond drill exploration
Standard boiler house and coal handling system of the Crystal Falls Iron Company
Recording and signaling device for mines
Surveying and sampling diamond drill holes
Square set mining at the Vulcan Mines
Some safety devices of the Oliver Iron Mining Company
Diversion of the Sturgeon River at the Loretto Mine
Raising shaft on Timber in hard rock at the Armenia Mine
Block caving and sub-stoping system at the Tobin Mine
The Cornwall, Pennsylvania, magnetite deposits
Top slicing at the Caspian Mine
Reminiscences of the Gogebic Range, Ironwood in 1887, more...

Volume 18, 1913, Missabe Range, 245 pages, - 3 -, $ 50
Contents include:
Sanitation for mine locations
Winona stamp-mill
Safety in the mines of the Lake Superior Iron Ranges
Relining No. 2 Hamilton Shaft with reinforced dividers, end plates, and poured concrete walls
Suggestions on the application of efficiency methods to mining
Concentrating at the Madrid Mine
Mining methods of the Missable Iron Range
Wash ores of Western Missabe Range and the Coleraine Concentrating Plant
Opening the Leonidas Mine at Eveleth, Minnesota
The new change house at Vulcan Mine, this volume includes an appendix with 63 additional pages on the Duluth and Minnesota Iron Ranges, more....

Volume 22, 1922, Michigan Copper District, cl, 242 pages, - 3 -, $ 50
Contents include:
Co-operative effort in the study of mining methods
Compound-Steam Hoist installation of the Quincy Mining Company
Handling underground waste rock through underground skip dump, Quincy Mining Company
Development and extraction methods for the Lake Superior Copper Deposits
Recent practice in the use of scrapers on sub-levels
Mining methods of the Copper Range Company, Houghton County, Michigan
Mechanical ventilation at the Lake Mine, Spies open-stope system of mining
Building reinforced-concrete shaft houses, more...slight spotting to boards, contents fine

Bulletin for the 1922 meeting with most of the papers listed immediately above without the complete proceedings of the meeting, afb, 85 pages, - 3 -, $ 30

Volume 23-34, 1923-1925, Minnesota Ranges / Marquette Range, cl, 585 pages, - 5 -, $ 20  [partial leather binding, hinges weak (with repairs), protective tape over spine, wear on corners of boards, ovg]
Contents include:
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting in metal mines
Recent Developments in the Geology of the Gogebic Range
Surface Equipment for Iron Mines
Slushing Practice in the mines of the Oliver Mining Company
Wear and care of Wire Rope; Brief History of the Cuyana Range
Developments of the Use of Cuyuna Range Manganiferous Iron Ores
Future of the Lake Superior District
Calumet and Hecla Reclamation Plant
Stratigraphy and Correlation of the Cuyuna Iron Ore District, Minnesota
Moffat Tunnel Progress, Colorado
Present Scraping Progress at the Cliffs Shaft Mine
Principles of mine fan installation
Lake Superior Geosyncline
Advances in geological information relative to the Lake Superior Iron Deposits
Michigan Iron Mining Industry
Iron Ranges of Northwestern Ontario
Marquette Iron Ore Range
Ontario and Quebec Gold Fields
Forestry and the mining industry in the Lake Superior Region
Exploration for Iron Ore in the Lake Superior District

Volume 25, 1926, Gogebic Range, cl, 291 pages, - 3 -, $ 50
Contents include: Gogebic Iron Ore Range
Shaft sinking at the Eureka Mine
Notes on mining the North Palms Orebody
Montreal Mining Company’s No. 5 Shaft surface layout
Gogebic Range Mines of the Oliver Iron Mining Company
The New Cascade Tunnel for the Great Northern Railway
Mining methods of Castile Mining Company
Method of mining at the Montreal Mine
Sub-level practice a the Newport Mine
Drifting at Odgers and Tobin Mines
Transportation of Lake Superior Iron Ores from mines to furnaces

Volume 26, 1928, Menominee Range, cl, 324 pages, - 3 -, $ 45   [slight wrinkling to the bottom edges of some pages, ovg]
Contents include:
Description of Menominee Range Mines and ore shipments to 1927
Method of Sub-level Stoping at the Carpenter Mine, Crystal Falls
Rapid Method for Determining Sulphur in Iron Ores; Geophysical Methods applied to Exploration and Geophysical Methods applied to Exploration and Geologic Mapping in the Michigan Copper District
The “Speed Drift” at the Eureka Mine - Rapid Mucking with Slusher Hoists
Rapid Drifting as a Regular Practice
Recent Developments in Methods of Mining in the Michigan Iron Mines
Timbering Practice in the Michigan Iron Mines
Scraping Practice in the Michigan Iron Mines, more...

Program of the 1929 Copper County meeting, pb, 16 pages, including a paper entitled “Historical Sketch of the Lake Superior Copper District” which includes a fold-out map of the Keweenaw Peninsula, - 3 -, $ 40

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