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Castor, S. B. and Ferdock, G. C. / MINERALS OF NEVADA, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Special Publication 31, Reno, 2004, cl, 512 pages, 1 plate in pocket, - 1 -, $ 75

Gilg, H. A.,, Ed. / EXTRALAPIS GARNET, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, East Hampton, 2008, pb, 98 pages, - 1 -, $ 40

Huizing, T.,, Ed. / EXTRALAPIS No. 4, CALCITE, THE MINERAL WITH THE MOST FORMS, East Hampton, 2003, pb, 112 pages, - 1 -, $ 40

Paar, W. H., / ATLAS OF ORE MINERALS, FOCUS ON EPITHERMAL DEPOSITS OF ARGENTINA, The Canadian Mineralogist SP No. 11, 2016, cl, 402 pages, covers 13 native elements and alloys; 127 sulfides, selenides, and tellurides; and 70 sulfosalts; but no oxide minerals; book is packed with photographs and thin sections of minerals from Argentina, and 25 other countries including Namibia (Tsumeb), information on minerals includes 1. Mineral name and its origin, 2. Crystallography data, 3. X-ray powder patter, 4. Physical properties, 5. Optical properties, 6. Chemical composition, 7. Localities where found, and 8. Bibliography; every mineralogist should have a copy of this fantastic book which also has detailed historical and geotechtonic, and metallogenic geology of Argentina, - 1 -, $ 160

Pemberton, H. E. / MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA, New York, 1983, cl, 591 pages, - 2 -, $ 100

Murdoch, J. and Webb. R W. / MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA, CENTENNIAL VOLUME (1866-1966), CMDG B 189, San Francisco, 1966, cl, 559 pages, - 3 -, $ 85

Simpson, E. S. / MINERALS OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Volume 1: Actinolite to Chlorite, 479 pages; Volume 2: Chloritoid to Jasper, 675 pages, Volume 3: Kamacite to Zoisite, 714 pages, a number of locations given in latitude and longitude in back of each volume, - 3 -, exceptionally clean set, no illustrations, just authoritative mineralogical text, $ 525

Symes, R. F. and Young, B. / MINERALS OF NORTHERN ENGLAND, Edinburgh, 2008, pb, 208 pages, fine colour illustrations, - 1 -, $ 225

von Bezing, L., Bode, R., and Jahn, S. / NAMIBIA MINERALS AND LOCALITIES II, Salzhemmendorf, 2016, cl, 661 pages, - 1 -, $ 399 [This might be the best mineral book ever publisahed; now already out of print and scarce]

Weller / GEOLOGY OF THE FLUORSPAR DEPOSITS OF ILLINOIS, Illinois Geological Survey B 76, Urbana, 1952, 147 pages, 7 plates (4 in pocket), 25 figs. 4 tables, - 3/5 -, $ 100

Wells, F. G., / CHROMITE IN CALIFORNIA, this is a complete 10 volume set with the following sections: Geological investigations of Chromite in California, 1. Del Norte County, 2. Siskiyou County, 3. Shasta, Tehama, Trinity, Humboldt Counties, 4. Northern Coastal Ranges, 5. Southern Coast Ranges, 6. Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties, 7. Calaveras and Amador Counties, 8. Tulare and Eastern Fresno Counties, 9. El Dorado County, and 10. Northern Sierra Nevada, CMDG B 134, San Francisco, 1946, pb, - 3 -, $ 399

Wilson, E. D. / TUNGSTEN DEPOSITS OF ARIZONA, Arizona Geological Survey B 148, Tucson, 1941, pb, 54 pages, 1 figure, - 2 - $ 20

Wilson, W. E., Bartsch, J. A., and Mauthner, M. / MASTERPIECES OF THE MINERAL WORLD, from Treasures from the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, 2004, cl, 263 pages, - 1 -, $ 175 [Contents: Introduction; The Discerning Eye (What Makes a Mineral Collectible?); 161 plates of minerals with descriptions, when collected, etc., Paths of Discovery (Mine to Museum) which gives details on the mine or mining location where the minerals illustrated in the text were found with dates and additional historical information is given; A Royal Passion (History of Aristocratic Mineral Collecting from the 16th to the 20th Centuries); Selected Bibliography and Photographic Credits]

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