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Acker Drill Company, Inc. / ACKER DRILL SUPPLIES, BULLETIN 50, Scranton, date unknown, 39 pages, - 3 -, $ 20

BLASTERS’S HANDBOOK: A Manual Describing Explosives and Practical Methods of Use, Sesquicentennial Edition, cl, Wilmington, 1952, 477 pages, - 3 -, $ 25

BLASTERS’S HANDBOOK: A Manual Describing Explosives and Practical Methods of Use, 14th Edition, Wilmington, 1958 -1963, same edition produced for several years, cl, 525 pages, - 3 -, $ 25

Brantley, J. E. / ROTARY DRILLING HANDBOOK, Los Angeles, 1936, cl, 304 pages, - 3 -, $ 24

Compressed Air and Gas Institute / COMPRESSED AIR HANDBOOK, 1st Edition, Compressed Air and Gas Institute, New York, cl, 387 pages, $ 20

Compressed Air and Gas Institute / COMPRESSED AIR AND GAS HANDBOOK, 3rd Edition, New York, 1961, cl, divided into 8 sections, 18 page index, - 3 -, $ 30 [A Reference Book on all phases of industrial air and gas compressors and compressed air-powered portable tools and rock drills used by industry]

CS CARD MINE HAULAGE AND HANDLING EQUIPMENT, CATALOG NO. 40, Denver, 1940, cl, 120 pages, Catalog is divided into 6 sections: Mine Car Wheels and Trucks; Coal Mine Cars; Ore and Industrial Cars; Rope Haulage Equipment, Rollers, Sheaves, etc.; Tipple Equipment, Dumps, Cages, Screens, etc.; Track Equipment, Frogs, Switches, Crossings, etc., $ 200 [Contents: Lots of pictures and descriptions of old mining equipment: mine car wheels, trucks and parts, axles, pedestals; ore car types with illustrations, rope haulage equipment, types of sheaves, rollers; illustrations of Card Equipment at mine sites; loading booms, cages, skips, dumps; track equipment, frogs, turnouts, switches, crossovers, all illustrated]

Diamond Drill Contracting Company / CATALOG 10A: CORE DRILLING WITH BITS, BARRELS, AND SHELLS, Spokane, 1948, pb, 83 pages, - 3 -, $ 38

E. J. Longyear Company / LONGYEAR DIAMOND CORE DRILLS, EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES, Bulletins 1, 57, 60, 69, 77, 83; also supply catalogs, deflecting wedges for diamond drills, Minneapolis, date unknown, approximately 100 pages, - 3 -, $ 48

Gibbs, C. W., Ed. / COMPRESSED AIR AND GAS DATA, 2nd Edition, Ingersoll-Rand Company, Woodcliff Lake, 1971, cl, book is divided into 34 sections, 10 page index, - 3 -, $ 28

GOODMAN MINING HANDBOOK for Coal and Metal Mine Operators, Managers, etc., 2nd Edition, Chicago, cl[2], 152 pages, - 3 -, $ 100  [gold leaf on page edges, shows pictures of mining machinery manufactured by the Goodman Company: has tables of 1) electric wire by gauge gives its characteristics, 2) stranded copper and aluminum wire, 3) weight of copper wire, 4) breaking strengths of copper and aluminum wire and cable, many more such tables; mine locomotives: hauling capability, hoisting (with numerous graphs), pipes, tanks, beams, photographs of Goodman locomotives with descriptions, much more...]

INGERSOLL-RAND COMPANY, The I-R Drill Doctor’s Book, 1st Edition, New York, date unknown, 72 pages, - 3 -, $100 [shows illustrations of Ingersoll-Rand jackhammers, shanks, mountings, “stopehammers,” operation of drills, hose couplings, illustrations of jack bits, drill steel sharpeners, etc.]

Jeffrey Manufacturing Company / BELT CONVEYORS CATALOG # 610A, Columbus, 112 pages, - 3 -, $ 45 [Well illustrated, shows early belt conveyors, take-up boxes, pillow blocks, shaft couplings, belt trippers, guide idlers, belt idlers, has photographs of Jeffrey belt conveyors in use at various plants, tunnels, dams, etc.]

Jones, A. V. and Tarkenter, R. P. / ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY IN MINING: The Dawn of a New Age, London, 1992, cl, 207 pages, - 5 -, $ 28

Kennedy Van Saun Mfg. and Engineering Corp. / BULLETIN 35, 2nd Edition, Kennedy Products largely used in Mining Crushing Chemical and Cement Plants, Danville, 1938, pb, 60 pages, - 3 -, $ 45

Ketchum, M. S. / THE DESIGN OF STEEL MILL BUILDINGS AND THE CALCULATION OF STRESSES IN FRAMED STRUCTURES, New York, 1911, cl, 464 pages, 16 pages of tables, slight wear to ends of the spine, tiny wrinkles in suface of front board, ovg, - 3 -, $ 45

Krough Manufacturing Company / MINING MACHINERY: APPLIANCES FOR THE MINING AND REDUCTION OF ORE AND CEMENTAL GRAVELS, Catalog No. 25, San Francisco, 1901, cl, 96 pages, - 3 -, $ 100

Logan Engineering / THE SIMPLEX HOIST CONTROLLER AND WEIGHT UNITS FOR MINE HOISTS, CATALOG AND MANUAL S-46, Chicago, 1946, pb, 24 pages, 1 insert, - 3 -, $ 25

MACWHYTE WIRE ROPE CATALOG G-18, 4th Edition, Kenosha, 1991, pb, 260 pages, glossary and index, - 1 -, $ 45 [classification of wire ropes, inspection, lubrication, manufacture of, stretch of wire ropes, structure of slings and assemblies]

Miller, J. A. / THE PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR THE WORKING MINER AND PROSPECTOR AND THE MINING INVESTOR, London, 1897, cl, 234 pages, wear along from edge of spine, wear on spine, ovg, - 2 -, $ 150   [Contents: tools, fundamental principle of work; blasting; work of men, animals, and machines; machinery; timbering; mining geology; prospecting; opening mines; lessons for the mining investor; reduction of ores; mine surveying, with appendices, more...]

O’Neil, F. W., Ed. / COMPRESSED AIR DATA: Handbook of Pneumatic Engineering Practice, 5th Edition, New York, various years, cl, 408 pages, - 3 -, $ 45

Peterson, A. C. / APPLIED ENGINEERING MECHANICS: STRENGTH OF MATERIALS, 2nd Edition, Boston, cl, 385 pages, - 3 -, $ 25



Roebling, J.A., and Sons Company, WIRE ENGINEERING, Trenton, 1938, 149 pages, $ 100 [includes a pamphlet on how to inspect sheaves used with wire rope]

Savill, L. P. / LOCKED COIL ROPES FOR MINE SHAFTS, Whitecross Company Limited, 64 pages, Warrington, England, $ 65

Slope Indicator / APPLICATIONS GUIDE: Geotechnical, Environmental, and Structural Instrumentation, 2nd Edition, Seattle, 1994, pb, text is divided into 12 sections, - 3 -, $ 25 [Contents cover: soil mechanics, piezometers, beam sensors, tiltmeters, borehole extensometers, inclinometers, strain gauges, more...]

Slope Indicator / GEOTECHNICAL AND STRUCTURAL INSTRUMENTATION, Bothell, 1996, pb, 92 pages, - 2 -, $ 25 [Contents cover: digitilt inclinometer probe, digipro software, piezometer, total pressure cell, pneumatic settlement cell, heave/settlement points, fiberglass-rod extensometer, beam sensor, more...]

THE MINE & SMELTER SUPPLY COMPANY, CATALOG No. 54, Dealers, Manufacturers and Importers of Assayers’ and Chemists’ Supplies, Laboratory Equipment for Schools and Colleges, Scientific Apparatus and Instruments, Denver, 1912, cl, 595 pages, - 2 -, $ 200 [Contains everything for the assayer, with pictures of most items including muffle, bullion and assay furnaces, much more]

TYLER WOVEN WIRE SCREENS / Specification Tables No. 74, Cleveland, 1961, spiral bound, 76 pages, - 3 -, $ 25

UNION WIRE ROPE CORPORATION / WIREROPE HANDBOOK AND CATALOG D, Kansas City, 1942, cl, 426 pages, - 3 -, $ 45

Whiting Corporation / WHITING TIGER CRANE BULLETIN 188, Chicago, 1929, pb, 23 pages, also enclosed is Bulletin 300, Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes, 23 pages, - 3 -, $ 40

WILLIAMSPORT WIRE ROPE POCKET CATALOG, Williamsport, 104 pages, - 3 -, $ 40

W. S. TAYLOR COMPANY: WOVEN WIRE SCREENS: Their Selection, Application and Uses, Catalog 55, 1927, Cleveland, cl, 139 pages, book shows slight wear along spine, ovg, - 3 -, $ 100 [Catalog contains photographs of screens and the application of each screen is discussed]

W. S. TAYLOR COMPANY: WOVEN WIRE SCREENS: Their Selection, Application and Uses, Catalog 80, 1954, Cleveland, cl, 139 pages, book shows very little wear, - 3 -, $ 175 [Catalog contains photographs of screens and the application of each screen is discussed]

YOUNGSTOWN TECHNICAL DATA: STANDARD AND LINE PIPE, Youngstown, 1964, spiral bound, 173 pages, - 3 - $ 30

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