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 Gemstone Faceting Rough

No high-grading please when purchasing lot quantities of faceting rough.
You must return an entire lot for a refund.

Faceting Rough is identified by a 3 letter coding system.  It makes finding gem material easier to identify exact lots of material and it makes invoicing that material more convenient. 

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Quartz, Rutilated
Translucent with very few veils or inclusions; the concentration of rutiles is less in faceting grade to produce greater clarity in the final cut gemstones

Graded by the clarity of the background, number size of the rutiles

Grade 1: $ 1.00 / ct
Grade 2: $ 0.80 / ct
Grade 3: $ 0.60 / ct


Quartz, Light Smoky

0.10 / ct


Quartz, Medium Smoky

0.15 / ct


Quartz, Dark Smoky

0.20 / ct



Topaz, Clear Cores

These cores were cut in Brazil from giant topaz blocks resulting in clean material with no veils or debris; the top of each core is cut perpendicular to the topaz cleavage plane; remember to cut all topaz stones with the table cut 15
o off from perpendicular (or it  will not polish)


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