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     Contact Information

     Mailing Address: MS Book and Mineral Company, P.O. Box 6774, Lake Charles, Louisiana, 70606 USA

     Office Contact information

    Telephone: Office Phone:  (337) 478 - 0669  This is a land line.  It can not receive texts or e-mails.

    Please call any week day between the hours of 10am and 8pm CST. 

    I am usually available on weekends also.  When I leave town I will post it on the home page. 

    You can place orders, call or text me on the cell phone # below.  I will have e-mail service on the road also.

    Business e-mail:   

     Use this email address above to contact me or to place an order.   

     Cell Phone:  (337) 292 - 6154. 

     Alternate e-mail:

     To place an order for any item on this website

     Send an e-mail with a list of the items you wish to purchase.  Most of the orders on this website are handled by e-mail. 

     Include any questions or concerns you have with your order. 

     Additional ordering details are given below. 

     If you have a question or need help finding something please let me know. 

     Please transmit credit card information by phone. 

     If you prefer, send your order by snail mail, or as noted aboved, call me at one of the phone numbers listed above. 

     I am open for business generally from 10am to 8pm weekdays. 

     We are located in the Central Time Zone (USA). 

     I normally reply to orders, questions, or inquiries within 24 hours (unless I am away from the office). 

      Many items are one-of-a-kind and are sold on a first come, first serve basis. 

      All orders are shipped promptly, usually within 24 hours to locations everywhere.

      If you are a repeat customer, please let me know of any changes to your shipping address, etc.

      No catalog is ever perfectly accurate because inventory is changing as items are being sold.  I am deleting and adding items every day. 

      Please kindly report possible errors and broken links on this website.


     Payment Information 

     We accept all of the following

     1. PayPal
     2. American Express, Master Card, Visa, or Discover Card
     3. Personal check drawn on a U.S. Bank

     When ordering books:

     Send a text or e-mail listing the:
     1) catalog you are ordering from
     2) author and title
     3) price of the book  [It helps me a lot if you l
ist the catalog name for the books you order]

     When ordering minerals, rocks, or ore samples:

     Send an e-mail listing the:
     1) specific minerals including ore samples have specific code numbers, rocks do not typically have numbers and are sold by name only
     2) size (if applicable)
     3) price of that item 
     4) indicate the color preferred (if there is a choice).

      When ordering fossil specimens:

     Send an e-mail listing the specimen by:
     1) name of specimen
     2) code number
     3) price for the specimen.

     If you prefer to order any of the above by letter, or phone, please provide the same information. 

      Many customers e-mail their order and call with credit information.  If you use Paypal I will send you a Paypal invoice by email.   


      Most orders are shipped the same day the order is placed when using a credit card or PayPal.  I

      Shipping Information

       Please let me know how quickly you need the items you are ordering. 

       I get a discounted rate with the post office and generate all shipping labels for the USPS on location. I pass on those discounts to you.

       Please let me know if you prefer one specific method of shipping. 



     Company Profile

     MS Book and Mineral Company is named after me, its founder and owner, Mel Schmidt.  

     I have been in business at this location for over 35 years.  I have studied geology and collected rocks for most of my life. 

      During the 1970's, I developed an interest in the history of mining and the exploration for new ore deposits. 

     I have collected ore samples, mineral specimens, and rare and out-of-print books on historical mining sites for over 40 years. 

     I am a retired University Professor and am now prepared to offer you the finest geology books, select minerals and ore specimens, and professional grade fossils. 

      Books are divided into their own specific catalogs, glacial, geomorphology, mineralogy, etc.

      It all really started with a few rocks when I was a kid.  That was fine for a while but life would be better with a rock tumbler. 

      Later, when I was older, came a rock saw.  And a grinder.  And a bigger tumbler.

      And then bigger rocks and bigger saws.  Sound familiar?  During my Professor years I gathered books I needed for research on mining areas. 

     To get some of the books I needed I had to purchase entire collections.

      One day I realized I had multiple copies of all kinds of stuff.  At that time the book company started to find new homes for the extras. 

     That grew until I was purchasing book collections constantly which in several cases weighed well over a ton. 

     So here I am with thousands of rocks, minerals, and books that are waiting for you to adopt them. 

      I am interested in purchasing entire personal library collections in all fields of geology, mineralogy, paleontology, mining, metallurgy, uranium, and mining history.

    My needs constantly change, so check the news page to see what I need at any particular time.  Send lists of what you would like to sell. 

     I also use the news page to let you know what projects I am working on at the present time.

     I now purchase material mainly from inviduals and less from libraries.  

     I will travel to most locations to pick up high quality minerals or books.

      Please contact me if you are ready to sell your collection.  

      I will be able to place your minerals or books in the hands of people who need and will appreciate them. 

      I can not purchase every collection that comes along and must pick and choose carefully.

      If you have a source of high-grade minerals or ore samples please contact me.

      While visiting this website, if you find a link that does not work, or you find an error of some kind, please send me an email concerning the problem. 

      I appreciate hearing from visitors to this website. 





     Red Mountain 2, San Juan Mountains, SW Colorado, USA

     My personal research interest is the mining history of the Western United States. 

     I am currently writing comprehensive books on the history of mines and town sites in each of the Western States. 

     If you have a similar interest or if you have pictures, mine records, data, or letters concerning any of the mines in the Western U.S. and are willing

     to share that information, I would like to hear from you.  Please send me an e-mail or, better yet, give me a phone call. 

     Yes, I have resumed writing a book on the Mines and Mining Districts of Colorado which takes a different approach to the subject with an

     emphasis on the geology and structure of the mines themselves, not the miners, or the companies which own or operate or operated the mines. 

     I continue to collect accurate, historical, documents toward that end.



         Mining History Illustrations

     If you have photographs of current mines, former mines, or equipment used at former mines
     that may be of interest to others that you are willing to share, please let me know.  Original photographs

     you send will be scanned and returned immediately. 

      Abbreviations used on this website

     cl = cloth (regular hardback)

     cl[2] = cloth (fine hardback version)

     cl[3] = cloth (exceptionally fine hardback version with elevated ribbing on spines of books and publications, extra gold leaf, etc.)

     pb = paperback

     afb = acid-free binder

     vg = very good condition

     oop = out of print

     ovg = otherwise very good

     USGS = United States Geological Survey

     PP = Professional Paper


     B = Bulletin

     C = Circular

     IC = Information Circular

     RI = Report of Investigation

      OFR = Open File Report

     USBM = United States Bureau of Mines

      USPS = United States Postal Service

     GPO = Government Printing Office

     NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration

     AIME = American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers

     SEG = Society of Economic Geology

     SEG2 = Society of Exploration Geophysics

     AAPG = American Association of Petroleum Geologists

     SME = Society of Mining Engineers

     SEPM = Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists

     AGU = American Geophysical Union

     GSA = Geological Society of America

     E&MJ = Engineering and Mining Journal

     AIMM = Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

     IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency

     AIG = Australian Institute of Geoscientists

     AMF = Australian Mineral Foundation, Inc.

     ME = Mining Engineering















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