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Volume 11 complete / 1916 / Wolframite and Scheelite at Leadville, Colorado; Garnet Deposits on the Navajo Reservation, Arizona; Occurrence, Geology, and Economic Value of Pitchblende Deposits of Gilpin County, Colorado; The Mineralization at Clifton-Morenci, Arizona; Wood Tin in the Tertiary Rhyolites of Northern Nevada; Physiographic Conditions at Butte and Bingham Canyon when the Copper Ores in these Districts were Enriched, Montana and Utah, cl, $ 40

Volume 13 complete / 1918 / Further Remarks on the Ores of Engels, California; A Tungsten Deposit near Fairbanks, Alaska; Notes on Gold Hill and Vicinity, Tooele County, Western Utah, Utah, cl, $ 40

Volume 14 complete / 1919 / Relation of Ore Deposits to Thrust Faults in the Central Wasatch Region, Utah; Ore Deposition and Enrichment at the Evergreen Mine, Gilpin County, Colorado, cl, $ 40

Volume 15 complete / 1920 / Geology of the Ore Deposits of Kennecott, Alaska; Review of Professional Paper 115: The Copper Deposits of Ray and Miami, Arizona; The R and S Molybdenum Mine, Taos County, New Mexico; Review of Professional Paper 111: Ore Deposits of Utah, cl, $ 40

Volume 16 complete / 1921 / The Limestone Ores of Manhattan, Nevada; The Origin of Colemanite Deposits, California; The Almaden Quicksilver Mine, California; Notes on Textures and Relationships in the Globe Copper Ores, Arizona; A Contact Metamorphic Iron-Ore Deposit near Fairview, New Mexico; Economic Geology of the Ophir Mining District, Utah, cl, $ 40

Volume 17 complete / 1922 / Supergene Processes at Neihart, Montana; Rock Alteration and Ore Deposition at Telluride, Colorado, cl, $ 40

Volume 18 complete / 1923 / Geology of the Beatson Copper Mine, Alaska; A Magmatic Sulphide Ore from Chicagof Island, Alaksa; Alaskan Nickel Minerals, Alaskan; The Gold Ores of Grass Valley, California; Magmatic Chalcopyrite, Park County, Montana, cl, $ 40

Volume 40 complete / 1945 / Oxidation in a Molybdenite Deposit, Nye County, Nevada; Geology of the Ropes Gold Mine, Marquette County, Michigan; Effect of heat treatment on metallic minerals, cl, $ 40

Volume 41 complete / 1946 / Lead-silver mineralization in the Clark Fork District, Idaho; Stages and epochs of mineralization in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado; Structural control of orebodies in the Jefferson City Area, Tennessee; Quartz crystals in western Arkansas; Movement of mineralizing solutions in the Picher Field, Oklahoma and Kansas; Hydrothermal alteration in the Castle Dome Copper District, Arizona, cl, $ 40

Volume 42 complete / 1947 / Cobalt Mineralization in the Blackbird District, Lemhi County, Idaho; Scheelite in the Boulder District, Colorado; The Original Sixteen-to-One Gold Quartz Vein, Alleghany, California; Structural control and wall-rock alteration at the Wilbert Mine, Idaho; Shallow, high temperature pegmatites, Grant County, New Mexico, cl, $ 40

Volume 43 complete / 1948 / San Manual District, Arizona; Tungsten Mineralization at the Ima Mine, Blue Wing District, Idaho; Heavy Metals in altered rock over blind ore bodies East Tintic, Utah; Geology of the Cariboo Gold Quartz Vein, Colorado, cl, $ 40

Volume 44 complete / 1949 / Structural control and mineralization at the 79 Mine, Gila County, Arizona; Oxidation and enrichment in the San Manuel Copper Deposit, Arizona; Pegmatites on Montana, Montana; Results from preliminary studies of vein formation at Butte, Montana; Ore deposits of the Wallapai District, Arizona, cl, $ 40

Volume 45 complete / 1950 / Uraninite in the Coeur d’Alene District, Idaho; Biogeochemical investigations in the Tri-state District; The search for new mining districts; Alteration and Metallization in the Bagdad Porphyry Copper Deposit, Arizona, cl, $ 40

Volume 46 complete / 1951 / Pegmatites of the Van Horn Mountains, Texas; Uranium Deposits near Marysvale, Piute County, Utah; Occurrence of gold at the Getchell Mine, Nevada; Geochemical techniques as applied in recent investigations in the Tintic District, Utah, cl, $ 40

Volume 47 complete / 1952 / Geology of the Iron King Mine, Yavapai County, Arizona; Indicator minerals, Coeur d’Alene Silver Belt, Idaho; Mineralization of the Volcano District, Elmore County, Idaho, $ 40

Volume 48 complete / 1953  / Geochemical prospecting for copper at Ray, Arizona; Definition of a mineral belt in South Central Colorado; Metamorphic differentiation in the Blackbird Mining District, Lemhi County, Idaho, $ 40

Volume 49 complete / 1954 / Graphite Deposits near Dillon, Montana; Manganese Deposits of the Mogollon Rim, Coconino County, Arizona; Mineralogy of a Uraninite deposit at Caribou, Colorado; Transportation and deposition of quicksilver ores, Teulingua District, Texas; Copper Cities Copper Deposit, Glove - Miami District, Arizona; Geochemical prospecting at Cobalt, Ontario; Ore controls at the Guadalupe Mine, Nuevo Leon, New Mexico; White Pine Copper Deposit, Ontonagon County, Michigan; Cobalt and Nickel in the Silver Summit Mine, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, $ 50

Volume 50 complete / 1955 / Geologic structure surrounding the Santa Rita Intrusive, New Mexico; Uranium ore controls and ore guides, Arizona; Fracture Pattern and Hypogene zoning, Freeland-Lamartine District, Colorado; Gold-scheelite-cinnabar placer, Humboldt County, Nevada, $ 40

Volume 52 complete / 1957 / Uranium Ore at the Monument No. 2 Mine, Apache County, Arizona; Cobalt-Arsenic Minerals, associated with aplites, Cobalt, Ontario; Lone Eagle Uranium-bearing Mine, Boulder Batholith, Montana, $ 40

Volume 53 complete / 1958 / Review of Guidebook of Western San Juans, NMGS, Colorado; Geology of the Mt. Lyell Mine, Tasmania; Nickel-Gold ore, Mackinaw Mine, Snohomish County, Washington; Temperatures and depth of formation of sulphide ore deposits, Gilman, Colorado, $ 40

Volume 54 complete / 1959 / Geology of the Uranium deposits, Cochetopa Mining District, Colorado; Geology and uranium-vanadium deposits of the Slick Rock District, Colorado; Geology of the Rainy Day Uranium Mine, Garfield County, Utah; Ore genesis in the Naica District, Chihuahua, Mexico, $ 40

Volume 55 complete / 1960 / Genesis of the Gore Moutain Garnet deposit, New York; Uranium deposits of the southern part of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico; Composition of lead and Precambrian Mineralization, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Ore deposits and sedimentary features, Jefferson City Mine, Tennessee; Chief oxide - Burgin area, East Tintic Case History, Utah; Intrusion and ore deposition in New Mexico, New Mexico, $ 40

Volume 56 complete / 1961 / Lead isotopes in ores and rocks of Butte, Montana; Distribution of uranium ores, Elk Lodge Area, San Juan County, Utah; Thorium mineralization in the Lemhi Pass Area, Lemhi County, Idaho; Temperatures of mineralization, Cave-in-Rock Fluorspar District, Illinois; Genesis and control of the Linchberg Orebody, Socorro County, New Mexico; Geology and origin of mineralized breccia pipes in Copper Basins, Arizona, $ 40

Volume 57 complete / 1962 / Temperatures of Mineral Formation, Miami-Picher District, Oklahoma; Ore genesis of the Cave-in-Rock Fluorspar District, Illinois; Temperature of crystallization of pyrrhotite - sphalerite, Highland Surprise Mine, Coeur d’Alene District, Idaho, $ 40

Volume 59 complete / 1964 / Geology and Mineralogy of certain manganese oxide deposits; Kentucky Fluorspar District, Illinois - Kentucky; Mineral paragenesis in the Tri-State District, Missouri - Kansas - Oklahoma; Mineral paragenesis and zoning in the Central Kentucky Mining District, Kentucky; Description and origin of Uranium Deposits, Shirley Basin, Wyoming; Distribution of Uranium Deposits, White Canyon - Monument Valley District, Utah - Arizona; Geology of a disseminated copper deposit near Cerrilos, New Mexico, $ 40

Volume 65 complete / 1970 / Studies of hydrothermal gold deposition 1. Carlin Gold Deposit, Nevada: The role of Carbonaceous materials in gold deposition; The Texas lineament and its economic significance in Southeast Arizona; A study of precious metals in the Sudbury Nickel irruptive ores; Content of zinc and copper in some fluid inclusions from the Cave-in-Rock District, Southern Illinois; Sulfide mineralization and rubidium-strontium geochronology at Ore Knob, North Carolina and Ducktown, Tennessee; Uranium mineralization and alteration, Orphan Mine, Grand Canyon, Arizona; Geology and Ore Deposits of Las Guijas Tungsten District, Pima County, Arizona; Distribution of silver and copper in placer gold derived from the Northwestern part of the Colorado Mineral Belt; Copper content of biotites from the Boulder Batholith, Montana, $ 40

Volume 66 complete / 1971 / Gold-bearing deposits in North-Central Nevada and Southwestern Idaho; Sulfur isotopic reconnaissance of Butte, Montana; Fluid inclusion studies on the porphyry-type ore deposits at Bingham, Utah, Butte, Montana, and Climax, Colorado; Zinc dispersion in the Wisconsin zinc-lead District; Barite deposition in central Kentucky; The age of porphyry-type copper mineralization in the Bingham Mining District, Utah - A refined estimate; Ore fluids in the porphyry copper deposit at Copper Canyon, Nevada; Abundance and distribution of manganese in the Western part of the Phillipsburg Batholith, Montana; Primary and secondary sulfates at Goldfield, Nevada; Environment of the zinc deposits of the Mascot-Jefferson City District, Tennessee; Lead isotopes and mineralization ages in Belt Supergroup Rocks, Northwestern Montana and Northern Idaho, $ 40

Volume 69 complete / 1974 / Jasperoid as a guide to Mineralization in the Taylor Mining District and vicinity near Ely, Nevada; Stratabound copper deposits in Triassic Sandstone of Sierra Nacimento, New Mexico; Structure and mineralogy of the Franklin Zinc-Iron-Manganese deposit, New Jersey; Homestake Gold Mine, South Dakota 1. Stable isotope studies; The geochemical behavior of platinum and palladium in the weathering cycel in the Stillwater Complex, Montana; Chemical halos as guides to lode deposit ore in the Park City District, Utah; A breccia dike containing rare-earth-bearing apatite, molybdenite, and magnetite at Iron Hill, Custer County, Colorado; Alteration and fluid inclusion studies of the porphyry copper ore body at Bingham, Utah; Homestake Gold Mine, South Dakota 2. Lead isotopes, mineralization ages, and source of lead in ores of the Northern Black Hills; Some mineralogical characteristics of the Silver Deposits in the Guanajuato Mining District, Mexico, $ 50

Volume 67 complete / 1972 / Occurrence and distribution of rare earths in the Lemhi Pass Thorium Veins, Idaho and Montana; Mineralogy and trace element content of the Wood River Lead-Silver Deposits, Blaine County, Idaho; A sulfur isotope study of the Ducktown Tennessee District; Experiments on a specimen of galena ore from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Geology of massive sulfide deposits at Jerome, Arizona; Chronology of intrusion and ore deposition at Ray, Arizona; A preliminary account of chemical relationships between sulfide lode and “banded-iron formation” at Broken Hill, New South Wales, $ 50

Volume 68 complete / 1973 / Geochemical studies in the Park City District 1: Ore fluids in the Mayflower Mine; A summary of radiometric ages of Igneous rocks in the Oquirrh Mountains, North-Central Utah; Gold bearing arsenian pyrite determined by microprobe analysis, Cortez and Carlin Gold Mines, Nevada; Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Parting Shale, White Pine, Michigan; Silica-Carbonate alteration of Serpentine: Wall rock alteration in Mercury Deposits of the California Coast Ranges; Chronology of intrusion and ore deposition at Ray, Arizona: Part 2. Fission track ages; Copper, Manganese, and Zinc in coexisting mafic minerals from Laramide intrusive rocks in Arizona; Fluid-Inclusion studies of the fluorspar and gold deposits, Jamestown District, Colorado, $ 50

Volume 70 complete / 1975 / An Issue devoted to Canadian Mineral Deposits; Metamorphic mass transfer and sulfide genesis, Stillwater Intrusion, Montana; Geology of the Biwabik Iron Formation, Dunka River Area, Minnesota; Origins of some massive pyritic ore deposits of Western Europe; An issue devoted to Japanese Mineral Deposits; Porphyry Tin Deposits in Bolivia; Precipitation of Mississippi Valley-type ores; Environment of Ore Deposition in the Creede Mining District, San Juan Mountains, Colorado 1. Geologic, Hydrologic, and Geophysical setting; Fluid inclusion studies in the Northern Arkansas Zinc District; Geology and Mineralogy of some copper sulfide deposits near Mount Bohemia, Keweenaw County, Michigan; Fluid inclusion studies of vein, pipe, and replacement deposits, Northwestern San Juan Mountains, Colorado, $ 50

Volume 72 complete / 1977 / Environment of ore deposition in the Creede Mining District, San Juan Mountains, Colorado 3. Progress toward interpretation of the chemistry of the ore-forming fluid of the OH Vein; Early fracture-controlled disseminated mineralization at Butte, Montana; Light stable isotope and fluid inclusion study of the porphyry copper deposit at Copper Canyon, Nevada; A issue devoted to the Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri; Proterozoic massive sulfide replacements in volcanic rocks at Jerome, Arizona; Petrogenesis of the copper-bearing skarn at the Mason Valley Mine, Yerington District, Nevada; Potassium-argon ages of intrusion, extrusion, and associated ore deposits, Park City Mining District, Utah; A Volume devoted to mineral deposits in the South American Cordilleran; Origin of massive sulfide deposits at Ducktown, Tennessee: An oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen isotope study; The Sunnyside Mine, Eureka Mining District, San Juan County, Colorado: Geochemistry of gold and base metal ore deposition in a volcanic environment; Sulfide petrology of the Broken Hill Region, New South Wales, Australia; Formation of scheelite-bearing and scheelite-barren skarns at Lost Creek, Pioneer Mountains, Montana, $ 50

Volume 73 complete / 1978 / Background and anomalous gold in rocks of an Archean greenstone assemblage, Kakagi Lake Area, Northwestern Ontario; Geology of the Bayhorse fluorite deposit, Custer County, Idaho; Geology of the Urad and Henderson Molybdenite Deposits, Clear Creek County, Colorado, with a section on a comparison of these deposits with those at Climax, Colorado; A molybdenum mineralized breccia pipe complex, Redwell Basin, Colorado; A Special Issue on the porphyry copper deposits of the Southwestern Pacific Islands and Australia; Structure of the Broken Hill Mine area and its significance for the genesis of the orebodies, New South Wales, Australia; An Issue devoted to the Bingham Mining District, Utah; An Issue dedicated to the geology and geochemistry of Uranium, $ 50

Volume 74 complete / 1979 / Genesis of Ore Deposits in the San Juan Volcanic Field, Southwestern Colorado - Lead Isotope evidence; An Issue devoted to phosphate, potash, and sulfur; Lithologic determination of mass transfer mechanisms of multistage porhyry copper mineralization at Butte, Montana: Vein formation by hypogene leaching and enrichment of potassium-silicate protore; Stable isotope investigation of gold-bearing jasperoid in the Central Drum Mountains, Utah; Geochemistry of biotite in the Santa Rita porphyry copper deposit, New Mexico; A Special Issue devoted to mineral deposits in Fennoscandia; The Minto Copper Deposit, Yukon Territory: A metamorphosed orebody in the Yukon crystalline terrane; Geologic, fluid inclusion, and stable isotope studies of the tin-tungsten deposits of Panasqueira, Portugal; Environment of ore deposition in the Creede Mining District, San Juan Mountains, Colorado, part 4. Source of fluids from oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon isotope studies, $ 50

Volume 75 complete / 1980 / The evolution of Fracture related permeability within the Ruby Star Granodiorite, Sierrita Pophyry Copper Deposit, Pima County, Arizona; Temporal and spatial variations in hydrothermal fluid characteristics during vein filling in Preore cover overlaying deeply buried porphyry copper-type mineralization at Red Mountain, Arizona; Multistage vein ores of the Lake City District, Western San Juan Mountains, Colorado; Paleomagnetic documentation of the early, high-temperature zone of mineralization at Butte, Montana; Hydrothermal alteration of the Hahns Peak Stock, Routt County, Colorado; Fluid inclusions in porhyry and skarn ore at Santa Rita, New Mexico; Granitic rocks of Tertiary age in the Idaho Batholith and their relation to mineralization; Oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon isotope studies of the Stony Mountain Complex, Western San Juan Mountains, Colorado, $ 50

Volume 76 complete / 1981 / Geologic setting, petrology, and geochemistry of zoned tungsten-bearing skarns at the Strawberry Mine, Central Sierra Nevada; A Special Issue on the geology and mineral deposits of Tasmania; Silver mineralization in the Rochester District, Pershing County, Nevada; The Silver Hill zinc deposit and associated deposits, Central North Carolina; A Special Issue on the Nickel Deposits and their host rocks in Western Australia; The origin of a Mississippi Vallely-type deposit in the Vibernum Trend, Southeast Missouri; Chemistry of inclusion fluids: Stockwork molybdenum deposits from Questa, New Mexico; Archean banded iron formations, Yilgarn Block, Western Australia, $ 50

Volume 77 complete / 1982 / Gold distribution in supracrustal rocks from Archean Greenstone belts of Southern Africa and from Paleozoic ultramafic complexes of the European Alps: Metallogenic and geochemical implications; A Special Issue on the Massive Sulfide Deposits of the Southern Appalachians; Exploration for zinc in middle Tennessee by drilling: A statistical analysis; Tungsten-bearing skarns of the Sierra Nevada 1. The Pine Creek Mine, California; Skarn deposits in the Yerington District, Nevada: Metasomatic skarn evolution near Ludwig; Exploration and geology of the Mt. Emmons Molybdenum Deposits, Gunnison County, Colorado; A further issue devoted to the Platinum-Group elements; Timing of mineralization and related intrusive activity near Central City, Colorado, $ 50

Volume 78 complete/ 1983 / Deformation fabrics in barite and fluorite of the Del Rio District: Their implications for the relative timing of mineralization and deformation; The Anderson Mine (Arizona): An early diagenetic uranium deposit in Miocene Lake sediments; The Coxco Deposit: A Proterozoic Mississippi Valley-Type Deposit in the McArthur River District, Northern Territory, Australia; Geochemical and stable isotope studies of the No. 4 Lode, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia; An Issue devoted to techniques and results of remote sensing; The Holden Mine, a metamorphosed volcanogenic deposit in the Cascade Range of Washington; Petrochemical studies of the Dunka Road Cu-Ni Deposit, Duluth Complex, Minnesota; the J-M Platinum-Palladium Reef of the Stillwater Complex, Montana; Fluid inclusion evidence for fluid mixing, Mascot-Jefferson City Zinc District, Tennessee, $ 50

Volume 79 complete / 1984 / Origins and exploration significance of replacement and vein-type alunite deposits in the Marysvale Volcanic Field, West-Central Utah; Texture and stable isotope studies of the Big Mike cupriferous volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit, Pershing County, Nevada; Uranium-lead and lead-lead investigations of minerals from the Broken Hill Lodes and mine sequence rocks; Platinum-group minerals in alpine chromitites from Southwest Oregon; A Second Issue devoted to Canadian Mineral Deposits; Geology, wall-rock alteration, and massive sulfide mineralization in a portion of the West Shasta District, California; Lead and sulfur isotopes and a model for the origin of the Ducktown Deposit, Tennessee; The chemical and thermal e
volution of the fluids in the Cave-in-Rock Fluorspar District, Illinois; Volcanic landforms and ore deposits; Mineralogy and fluid inclusion study of the southern Amethyst Vein System, Creede Mining District, Colorado, $ 50

Volume 80 complete / 1985 / Precious metal vein systems in the National District, Humboldt County, Nevada; Geology and geochronology of the Snowbird Deposit, Mineral County, Montana; U-Pb isochron age and Pb isotope systematics of the Golden Fleece Vein: Implications for the relationship of mineralization to the Lake City Caldera, Western San Juan Mountains, Colorado; Geochemistry of the J-M (Howland) Reef of the Stillwater Complex, Minneapolis Adit Area 1. Sulfide chemistry and sulfide-olivine equilibrium; A special issue devoted to the Bushveld Complex; Oxygen isotope, aeromagnetic, and gravity anomalies associated with hydrothermally altered zones in the Yankee Fork Mining District, Custer County, Idaho; Evolution of hydrothermal fluid characteristics at the Santa Rita, New Mexico, porphyry copper deposit; Uranium mineralization in the Smith Lake District of the Grants Uranium Region, New Mexico; Mineralized veins and breccias of the Cripple Creek District, Colorado; Petrologic and stable isotope study of the gold-bearing breccia pipe at the Golden Sunlight Deposit, Montana; A diatreme hosted gold deposit at Montana Tunnels, Montana; Mineralized breccia pipes in Northern Arizona; Central City, Colorado: The upper part of the alkaline porphyry molybdenum system; A Special Issue devoted to massive sulfide deposits, West Shasta District, California, $ 50

Volume 81 complete / 1986 / Silver and mercury in gold particles from the Proterzoic Witwatersrand placer deposits of South Africa: Metallogenic and geochemical implications; Hydrothermal maturation of indigenous organic matter at the Alligator Ridge Gold Deposits, Nevada; Evolution of fractures and alteration in the Sierra-Esperanza hydrothermal syste, Pima County, Arizona; Ages of igneous and hydrothermal events in the Round Mountain and Manhattan Gold Districts, Nye County, Nevada; A strontium and oxygen isotope study of Laramide magmatic and hydrothermal activity near Central City, Colorado; Platinum-Group minerals in chromite seams of the Stillwater J-M Reef; A third issue devoted to platinum deposits; Tectonic origin of fractures for fissure vein emplacement in the Boulder Batholith and adjacent rocks, Montana; Sodium-Calcium metasomatism: Chemical, temporal, and spatial relationships at the Yerington, Nevada, Porphyry copper deposit; An issue devoted to the mineral deposits of Northern Alaska; Geology and geochemistry of the Deer Trail Pb-Zn-Ag-Au-Cu Manto Deposits, Marysvale District, West-Central Utah; Investigations of the Stillwater Complex III: The Picket Pin Pt/Pd Deposit, $ 50

Volume 82, issues 1 - 4 only / 1987 / Ore metamorphism and pyrite porphyroblast development at the Cherokee Mine, Ducktown, Tennessee; Skarn zonation and fluid evolution in the Groundhog Mine, Central Mining District, New Mexico; Geochemistry of footwall alteration associated with the early Proterozoic United Verde Massive Sulfide Deposit, Jerome, Arizona; Stratigraphic setting of Pb-An-Ag Mineralization at Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia; Solfataric alteration in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado: Oxygen isotope variations in a boiling hydrothermal environment, $ 25

Volume 84 complete / 1989 / Geochemistry of the hot rocks of the volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit at Que River, Tasmania; Geochemistry and metamorphism of the Prieska Zn-Cu Deposit, South Africa; Geologic setting, depths of emplacement, and regional distribution of fluid inclusions in intrusions of the Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah; Geology and K-Ar geochronology of the Paradise Peak Mine and the relationship of pre-basin and range extension to early Miocene precious metal mineralization in West-Central Nevada; Stable isotope studies of sulfates and sulfides in the Mineral Park porphyry Cu-Mo System, Arizona; Evolution of hydrothermal fluids in the Park Premier Stock, Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah; A Special Issue devoted to current research on Mineral Deposits of Europe; Genetic implications of stable isotope characteristics of mesothermal Au deposits and related Sb and Hg deposits in the Canadian Cordilleran; Arkose-hosted, aquifer-controlled, epithermal Au-Ag mineralization, Wenatchee, Washington; Undiscovered lode tin resources of the Seward Peninsula, Alaska; Ledge formation at the Sandstorm and Kendall Gold Mines, Goldfield, Nevada, $ 50

Volume 85 complete / 1990 / Stratigraphy and alteration of the host rocks, United Verde Massive Sulfide Deposit, Jerome, Arizona; Geology and geochemistry of the Vantage Gold Deposits, Alligator Ridge-Bald Mountain Mining District, Nevada; Genesis of the tabular-type vanadium-uranium deposits of the Henry Basin, Utah; Geochemistry of vanadium in an epigenetic, Sandstone-hosted vanadium-uranium deposit, Henry Basin, Utah; Epithermal deposition of gold during transition from propylitic to potassic alteration at Round Mountain, Nevada; Sulfur isotope studies of the Stillwater Complex and associated rocks, Montana; Petrogenesis and timing of talc formation in the Ruby Range, Southwestern Montana; A group of papers devoted to mineral deposits of Brazil; Petrology and stable isotope geochemistry of the metamorphosed zinc-iron-manganese deposit at Sterling Hill, New Jersey; A Special Issue devoted to the Mineral Deposits of Peru; Alteration and fluid inclusion study of the Groundhog Vein System, Central Mining District, New Mexico, $ 50

Volume 86, issues 1 - 4 only / 1991 / Petrology and geochemistry of propylitic alteration at Southwest Tintic, Utah; Oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur isotope studies in the Juneau Gold Belt, Southeast Alaska: Constraints on the origin of hydrothermal fluids; Consistent geologic areas for epithermal gold-silver deposits in the Walker Lake Quadrangle of Nevada and California: Delineated by quantitative methods; Volcanogenis uranium mineralizations in the Sierra Pena Blanca District, Chihuahua, Mexico: Three genetic models; A Special Issue on applications of hydrothermal alteration studies to mineral explorations; Sultan Mountain Mine, Western San Juan Mountains, Colorado: A fluid inclusion and stable isotope study, $ 25



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