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April, 2021



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Place any $100 order (or larger) in April, 2021, and get free domestic shipping. 

This applies to any order, including the offers below, that can be shipped domestically via USPS media mail and do not require special attention.

Orders involving valuable and/or non-replaceable merchandise will be made by UPS, with insurance. I will ask for your help with these extra costs.



1. Place any $150 order from any catalog(s) during April, 2021, and get 20% off the mineral specimens of your choice.  You could qualify for this discount with just a $150 order of minerals alone!




2. I am still working on this GSA project.  It has turned out to be a bigger job than I originally thought it would be.  I hope to have more offerings listed by the end of April, 2021.


Publications of the Geological Society of America have always been offered on this website but they were listed in individual catalogs. Now they are also listed together in a single catalog.


New GSA Publications now being added into inventory will have their own sale catalog.  Stock is somewhat limited, so make your selections as soon as possible.  This stock will increase during the coming weeks.  Check back for more new items!  Layaways accepted!


Please help me save these books from being recycled!


New: Complete regular GSA Publication Catalog  (items already listed in other catalogs on this website)


New: GSA New Publications Sale Catalog   (these are items appearing here for the first time that will eventually appear in the catalog above)


Original GSA DNAG Publications



3. By popular demand, the USGS Sale Continues.....Buy one USGS Professional Paper, Bulletin, Circular, Map, Water Supply Papers, Annual Reports, or Mineral Resources of the U.S. book, at the regular price, and get a second one (of equal or lesser value) at 50% off the regular price.


This offer does not include folios or monographs. I have already priced these as low as possible.

Your second item can be from any USGS section. You can pair a bulletin at regular price with any USGS map (GP, GQ, MF, I, etc.) at half price, or a water supply paper at regular price and get a bulletin for half price, etc. List the more expensive item first (any the regular price).  The second item must be priced at the same or a lower price than the first.

These are the genuine, original publications most of which have been out of print for years. When these are gone, most can’t be replaced.

To access USGS Publications go to [
 ] and click on whichever category that interests you.

To order, please list the USGS items in pairs, the first one of each pair will cost the original price and the second of each pair (of equal or lesser value) which will be discounted to half its regular price.

You can select as many pairs as you would like.


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