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24 September 2020



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September 2020 Sale


All orders totaling $150 after discounts will be shipped free by media mail.  This free shipping offer does apply to the special sale below.

Special Sale:  The 15% discount above does not apply to the offers below which have their own separate discounts.  Your order may combine items below at a higher discount with other items above at a 15% discount to get the free shipping.  You just can't combine the two discounts.

1. Petroleum books, 20% off:

2. American Institute of Mining Engineers, 20% off:

3. Metals and Polymers are now 30% off:

4. Buy one USGS Professional Paper and get a second one (of equal or lesser value) at ½ its normal price:

To access professional papers as a group: go to  and click on professional papers.

If you are interested in one or two states only, go to  and click on state(s) of your choice. These are original, federal documents, so click on, for example, Colorado I to access Colorado Professional Papers. Colorado 2 has state publications and miscellaneous items.  A few states have only a only one link so for these federal publications and state publications are listed on a single page.

5. Pick any single catalog. Select 5 items from that catalog you wish to purchase. Take 20% off all 5. 


If your order totals $150 after discount, you get the free shipping also.



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