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September, 2023


For information on activities currently happening at MS Book and Mineral Company, click here >>> news page


Link to all kinds of free stuff in the Free Stuff Catalog.  Also below are some offers for free Mineralogical Records and free minerals.


To find your way back to this sale page, click on "Sale" which is one of the links provided at the top of most catalogs on this website.




Most catalogs on the website have a sale discount posted at the top of that page.  When you call or email an order, each item will be discounted by that amount.  A few catalog have no discount because the content of those catalogs is amount impossible to replace.


Special sales that occur will continue to be listed here:


Tristate Pb-Zn Mining:  25% off any order from this catalog now through September, 2023


Upper Mississippi Mining District:  25% off any order from this catalog now through September, 2023


Mineral Specimens from all mineral specimen catalog: Buy any 2 minerals and get 1 mineral of equal or lesser value for free




Most shipments are made from our business location using with the USPS which gives you a lower rate than if they were shipped at the postoffice.


Books: When you place a book order from this website which totals $100 or slightly more, it will be shipped domestically via the post office using media mail.   Non-book or large book or heavy book orders will be shipped in USPS flat rate boxes which are quite economical.  Large orders will be shipped in heavy duty boxes from U-line.  I use lots of tape to secure all packages.  Valuable items may be double boxed for safe travel.  If you order tiny rock orders, like faceting rough, first class USPS boxes will be used.  Please let me know if you need items quickly and I will use either USPS priority mail or UPS or Fedex. Orders involving orders over $ 200 or extremely valuable and/or non-replaceable merchandise will be shipped by UPS or Fedex.   You will be charged for this shipping at a commercial discounted rate when possible. 


Minerals; All mineral orders will be shipped in medium or large USPS flat rate boxes.  They will be double boxed for safety.




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