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June, 2022

Please continue to submit your orders by e-mail.  You may call me if you have a question.  My office number is 337-478-0669.  My cell number is 337-292-6154. 

Please continue to send in your book, mineral, and fossil orders to me at:

Many new historical books have been added to the Arcadia Publishing Catalog for 2022.  The link to all of these publications is: 

The Arcadia books are now listed in individual state catalogs also.  States included to date:  Arizona II, California II, Nevada II, Montana II, Utah II, and Wyoming II. 

For a list of all U.S. State Catalogs still available on this website click here:  United States Mining History & Geology


Two new historic catalogs of Tristate and Upper Mississippi Valley Lead and Zinc mining:

Tristate Pb-Zn Mining:  Lead and Zinc Mining in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri

Upper Mississippi Valley Zn-Pb Ore Deposits: Zinc and Lead Mining in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. 

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed on all purchases!

General Items I am looking for:

1. A complete, modern, ore deposit library with a few books on classic mining locations world wide

2. Igneous books, I need to find and purchase another complete igneous library

3. Mineralogical Records and/or Rocks and Minerals, a complete set or individual volumes, excellent condition only

4. An entire mineralogy library, old classics and more recent publications to include African mineral books

5. Trilobite or Ammonite books

6. Upscale minerals for purchase, trade, or consignment

7. A set of rock thin section microscope slides

Mel Schmidt, Owner

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