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23 July

Shipping books, fossils, and minerals every day.  Hoping to serve you soon.  Let me know your needs, maybe I can help.  I still have hundreds of items that are not uploaded.

Would you like to add your email to our list announcing sales, new catalogs, and more.  No risk involved. Our website is secure. All announcements are sent out "blind" so no one will ever see your email address.  If you change your mind later, I will remove it from the list immediately. 


1.  New ore samples from Virginia, Tennessee, and Alabama are now in the Ore Mineral Catalog. Check out the top 3 new entries in that catalog!

2.  A whole new mineral catalog has been launched....Minerals of Michigan with lots of new minerals.....Many more items to be added to that catalog soon.

3.  A new mineral has been added to the East European Mineral Catalog from Kosovo!

4.  I have just completed uploading to the website all publications I had into the Alaska Catalogs.   Please check out all that is now available.

Alaska 1 Catalog - Federal Publications

Alaska 2 Catalog - State and Miscellaneous Publications

. The Australian Catalog has been split into 3 sections:

Australia 1 - Individual States

Australia 2 - Journal of Australian Earth Science

Australia 3 - West Australian Bulletins for serious collectors

6. Two new catalogs coming on-line soon of real rare material.

Tristate Pb-Zn Mining:  Lead and Zinc Mining in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri

Upper Mississippi Valley Zn-Pb Ore Deposits: Zinc and Lead Mining in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois.

7. Six catalogs created during 2019:

Minerals Science and Engineering
* A Minerals Science Journal of Johanesburg, South Africa

Salt and Salt Domes
* Publicatons conerning the prouduction and formation of salt deposits

Canadian Mineralogist
** The main Canadian Journal dedicated to the Science of Mineral Structure and Science

der Aufschulss
** A German journal packed with articles on minerals, fossils and geology from locations around the /World

Journal of Geochemical Exploration
** The journal dedicated to locating mineral deposits

Mineralium Deposita
** An International Journal for Geology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits,

*This catalog is now complete
**This catalog is a work in progress with hundreds more to add to the catalog

8.  I hava just completed updating the USGS Folio Catalog.  It now contains about 2000 more folios than previously.

USGS Folio Link

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed on all purchases!

Items I still need:

The request for an Invertebrate Paleontology library has now been deleted from this list as we have received a huge personal library to fill that need.

1. Ore Deposit books, newer the better

2. Igneous books, a complete igneous library preferred

3. Mineralogical Records, a complete set, some individual volumes, whatever you have (excellent condition please)

4. Mineralogy Books, old classics, the newer they are, the better

5. All Trilobite or Ammonite books

6. More Upscale minerals for purchase, trade, or consignment

7. A set of rock thin section microscope slides

Mel Schmidt, Owner

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