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September, 2023


Greetings!  I hope you will enjoy your visit to this website. 

New items in all catalogs are listed in this color.

Thank you for all the orders recently. 


Don't miss out on the newest Cairncross mineral book which arrived here today, 6/16/2023.  This mineral book is very affordable.  Go to the Select Mineral book catalog for details.


We thought it was unusual while in Wyoming to have several antelope does came for separate visits to our property alone.  They like to travel in packs.  The does were apparently looking for an excellent location to give birth.

One baby antelope was born on our property on 6/5/2023.  Another had twins on 6/14/2023 (see below).  They have grown a lot in just 2 weeks. 

We were back in Louisiana by then, but our wonderful neighbor sent us pictures of both events.  The Mountain in the background is Heart Mountain.

Now its back to working on entering more new items in many catalogs.  And preparing for the next trip north.


I have started stocking Colorado USGS 1:24,000 maps this month.  Check out the beginning of something new.  Click on this Colorado 1 link and scoll down to this maps.  This will spread to another states soon.   

Be sure to check out all the books in the new Free Stuff CatalogI am adding new items almost daily to keep it stocked.  This has been a very popular catalog! 


Call me if you have any questions.  I am always willing to help you find information you are looking for.  My fee for helping to find something you need is zero.

My office landline number is (337) 478 - 0669.  

Please continue to send in your book, mineral, and fossil orders to me at:   I will respond to all orders immediately regardless of our location.

Check out the August sale offers which are now now in effect.  Click on the sale link above and to the left.

For a list of all U.S. State Catalogs on this website click here United States Mining History & Geology


Two unique, historic catalogs of Tristate and Upper Mississippi Valley Lead and Zinc mining:

Tristate Pb-Zn Mining:  Lead and Zinc Mining in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri

Upper Mississippi Valley Zn-Pb Ore Deposits:  Zinc and Lead Mining in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. 

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed on all purchases!

Items I am looking for:

Igneous, Mineralogy, and Paleontology books

I am also in search of another complete ore deposit and igneous library.

Trilobite and/or Ammonite books are always welcome.

I am willing to sell your minerals. Details can be worked out - purchase, trade, or consignment.

Mel Schmidt, Owner

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