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Many new items have just been added to the invertebrate catalog. 

I am still working on new inventory in the Arizona 2, New Mexico 2, Michigan 2, and Nevada 2 Catalogs.  This new inventory will double the size of these catalogs!

The work on these last shipments still continues with materials to be added to the United States Bureau of Mines, Colorado 2, Montana 2, and other catalogs.  I will let you know when that work is completed.

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed on all purchases!

Items I still need:

The request for an Invertebrate Paleontology library has now been deleted from this list as we have received a huge personal library to fill that need.

1. Ore Deposit books, the newer the better

2. Igenous books or even a complete igneous library

3. Mineralogical Records, a complete set, some individual volumes, whatever you have (decent condition please)

4. Mineralogy Books, old classics, the newer they are, the better

5. Any Trilobite or Ammonite books

6. More Upscale minerals for purchase, trade, or consignment

7. A set of rock thin section microscope slides

Mel Schmidt, Owner

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