Geology and Mining History of the United States

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part I - Federal Publications   <and>    part II - State and Miscellaneous Publications

(example:  If you are looking for USGS maps for Colorado, click on Colorado I below; if you want state or miscellaneous Colorado publications, click on Colorado II below, etc.

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Alaska I

Alaska II

Arizona I

Arizona II

Arkansas I

Arkansas II

California I

California II

Colorado I

Colorado II


Georgia I

Georgia II


Idaho I

Idaho II

Illinois I

Illinois II



Kentucky I

Kentucky II

Maine I

Maine II


Michigan I

Michigan II

Minnesota I

Minnesota II


Missouri I

Missouri II

Montana I

Montana II


Nevada I

Nevada II

New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico I

New Mexico II

New York

North Carolina I

North Carolina II

Ohio I

Ohio II


Oregon I

Oregon II

Pennsylvania I

Pennsylvania II

South Carolina I

South Carolina II

South Dakota I

South Dakota II

Tennessee I

Tennessee II

Texas I

Texas II

Utah I

Utah II


Virginia I

Virginia II

Washington I

Washington II

West Virginia I

West Virginia II

Wisconsin I

Wisconsin II

Wyoming I

Wyoming II
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