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Mineral Specimens

To order a mineral give the mineral name and the number of the specimen(s) you wish to purchase.
You will receive that (those) exact specimen(s). 

Satisfaction is guaranteed. 

If you are unhappy with any specimen return it for full refund with no questions asked <or> accept a full credit toward another specimen. 
Returns must arrive in the same condition as when originally sent.

Order 1 (or more) book(s) and any 3 mineral specimens and get a 10% discount on your entire order and free shipping. 
New!    Thumbnail and Micro Minerals

Mineral Specimens listed by State or International Location

Africa               Alaska               Arizona               Asia               Australia              
Bulgaria               California               Canada

China               Colorado               Coming soon!   Ducktown, Tennessee                Europe - Western                    Europe - Eastern

India                     Kosovo                   Lake Superior Region               Mexico              
Michigan and Minnesota

Montana                Nevada                    New Mexico               Pennsylvania & New York                  Portugal               Russia

South Carolina               South Dakota              
South America               U.S. Mid-Continent

Other Mineral Specimens

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