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Abbott, D. and McCoy, D. A. / THE GILPIN RAILROAD ERA: Black Hawk, Central City, Nevadaville, Central City, Colorado, Denver. 2009, cl, 416 pages, 1 plate (inside back cover), - 1 -, $ 85

Abbott, D., McCoy, D. A., and McLeod, R. W. / COLORADO CENTRAL RAILROAD, GOLDEN - CENTRAL CITY- GEORGETOWN, COLORADO, 2007, cl, 416 pages, - 1 -, $ 85

Brown, R. L. / AN EMPIRE OF SILVER (SAN JUAN MOUNTAINS, SOUTHWEST COLORADO), Denver, 1986, 224 pages, cl, plastic dust cover, numerous illustrations, many in color, - 1 -, $ 250

Collman, R., Ed. / TRAILS AMONG THE COLUMBINE: BLUE MESA AND THE GUNNISON GOLD BELT, Denver, 1989, cl, 192 pages, - 1 -, $ 200 [The town of Gunnison is presented with both recent photographs and pictures from 1881; the narrow-gauge line to Crested Butte is covered with its many coal mines; the book concludes with a section on the Gunnison Gold and Silver Belt]

Collman, R., and Houston, G., Ed. / TRAILS AMONG THE COLUMBINE: THE DENVER AND RIO GRANDE IN CREEDE AND LAKE CITY, Denver, 1988, cl, plastic dust cover, 192 pages, - 1 -, $ 150 [This is the story of the Creede Branch of the Denver & Rio Grande starting with the building of the gold camp of Creede beginning with narrow-gauge track and concluding with standard gauge; coverage includes excellent coverage of early Lake City; 200 photographs, 45 in color; this book is a must for anyone interested in Creede or Lake City, Colorado]

Collman, R., Ed. / TRAILS AMONG THE COLUMBINE: THE MONARCH BRANCH OF THE DENVER AND RIO GRANDE RAILWAY, Denver, 1994, cl, plastic dust cover, 224 pages, - 1 -, $ 150 [Beginning in Salida, D&RGW Trains of empty narrow-gauge gondolas were made up for the climb through Poncha Springs, Maysville, Silver Creek to Garfield – to reach Monarch; Limestone was quarried in this district, which was once prospected for gold; photographs from the 1890's to recent, 219 black and white photographs and 52 color scenes]

Dixon, D. / TRAILS AMONG THE COLUMBINE, THE DENVER AND RIO GRANDE’S CALUMET BRANCH AND THE TURRET MINING AREA, 1996, cl, 320 pages, - 1 -, $ 100 [The Calumet Mine produced iron ore, and the D&RG carried it down the 7% grade to Salida; this rail branch was built in 1881 and the Colorado Fuel & Iron’s Mine at Calumet is well-covered with this book; Turret was an early gold camp during the 1880's, but no major strike occurred; 300 black and white photographs and 17 color pictures]

LeMassena, R. A. / COLORADO’S MOUNTAIN RAILROADS, Denver, 1984, 383 pages, cl, - 1 -, $ 79

Lewis, A. C. / FLORENCE & CRIPPLE CREEK RAILROAD: Forty Miles to Fortune - A History of the Fabulous Narrow Gauge Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad, Denver, 2002, cl, 416 pages, map in pocket, - 1 -, $ 295

Matthews, F. / NORTHERN CALIFORNIA RAILROADS, THE SILVER AGE, VOLUME 2, Denver, 1984, cl, 224 pages with mylar cover, - 1 -, $ 149

Myrick, D. F. / RAILROADS OF NEVADA AND EASTERN CALIFORNIA, 2nd Edition, Berkely, Howell-North Edition, 1963, cl, two volume set, volume 1: The Northern Roads and volume 2: The Southern Roads, total of 933 pages, - 3 -, $ 100

Myrick, D. F. / RAILROADS OF NEVADA AND EASTERN CALIFORNIA, 2nd Edition, Reno, 1990, cl, two volume set, volume 1: THE NORTHERN ROADS and volume 2: THE SOUTHERN ROADS, total of 933 pages, - 1 -, $ 150

Myrick, D. F. / RAILROADS OF NEVADA AND EASTERN CALIFORNIA, 2nd Edition, Reno, 2007, cl, volume 3: MORE ON THE NORTHERN ROADS, 392 pages, - 1 -, $ 75

Nossaman, A. / MANY MORE MOUNTAINS, VOLUME 3, Rails into Silverton, Colorado, Denver, 1998, cl, 352 pages, - 1 -, rare, out of print for many years, $ 325

Sloan, R. E. and Skowronski, C. A. / THE RAINBOW ROUTE: (SAN JUAN MOUNTAINS OF COLORADO) This is an Illustrated History of the Silverton Railroad, the Silverton Northern Railroad, and the Silverton, Gladstone and Northerly Railroad, Denver, 1975, cl, 416 pages, - 1 -, $ 300

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