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Cairncross, B. and Beukes, N. J. / THE KALAHARI MANGANESE FIELD, THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES, Cape Town, 2013, 384 pages, mint condition book with dust cover, - 1 -, $ 325

Cairncross, B. and Dixon, R / MINERALS OF SOUTH AFRICA, Geological Society of South Africa, Johnanesburg, 1995, cl, 290 pages, - 3 -, previous owners name plate on front end plate, else mint, $ 199 [Includes both geology as well as minerals of South Africa; Topics include 1. The Archean (Kaapvaal Terrain and Limpopo Terrain), 2. The Proterozoic (Kaapvaal Sedimentary Sequence, Bushveld Complex, Phalaborwa Complex, Manaqua-Natal Province, Pilanesberg Complex, Eastern Cape Province and the Kwazulu-Natal Deposits), and the 3. Phanerozoic (Cape Granite Suite, Karoo Supergroup, Kimberlites, and Cave Minerals]

Castor, S. B. and Ferdock, G. C. / MINERALS OF NEVADA, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Special Publication 31, Reno, 2004, cl, 512 pages, 1 plate in pocket, - 1 -, $ 75

Gebhard, G. /  TSUMEB II:  A UNIQUE MINERAL LOCALITY, Grossenseifen, 1999, cl, 328 pages, - 3 -, $ 279  [Signed by the author with "best compliments to previous owner", mint, very slight wear to top edge of dust cover, fantastic photography of a very extraordinary locale with fabulous and unusual minerals]

Murdoch, J. and Webb. R W. / MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA, CENTENNIAL VOLUME (1866-1966), CMDG B 189, San Francisco, 1966, cl, 559 pages, - 3 -, $ 65

O’Neill, J. J. / ST. HILAIRE (BELOEIL) AND ROUGEMONT MOUNTAINS, QUEBEC, Canadian Geological Survey Department of Mines M 43, Ottawa, 1914, pb, 100 pages, map in pocket, - 3 -, $ 55  [Paleozoic strata; fossils; physiography; 63 pages of petrology; bibliography]

Paar, W. H., / ATLAS OF ORE MINERALS, FOCUS ON EPITHERMAL DEPOSITS OF ARGENTINA, The Canadian Mineralogist SP No. 11, 2016, cl, 402 pages, covers 13 native elements and alloys; 127 sulfides, selenides, and tellurides; and 70 sulfosalts; but no oxide minerals; book is packed with photographs and thin sections of minerals from Argentina, and 25 other countries including Namibia (Tsumeb), information on minerals includes 1. Mineral name and its origin, 2. Crystallography data, 3. X-ray powder patter, 4. Physical properties, 5. Optical properties, 6. Chemical composition, 7. Localities where found, and 8. Bibliography; every mineralogist should have a copy of this fantastic book which also has detailed historical and geotechtonic, and metallogenic geology of Argentina, - 1 -, $ 160

Pemberton, H. E. / MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA, New York, 1983, cl, 591 pages, - 2 -, $ 100

Seehofer, H. /  THE MUNICH SHOW: MINERALIENTAGE MÜCHEN, THEME BOOK - AFRICAN SECRETS (English Version),  Muchen, 2012, 201 pages, -2 -, $ 75  [Typical book to accompany the Munich Mineral Show, this one is unique as it covers locations and minerals of Africa]

Seeman, R. / MINERAL & ERZ MOHE TAUERN (MINERALS & ROCKS OF THE HIGH CENTRAL ALPS OF AUSTRIA), Wien, 1994, pb, 149 pages, - 2-, $ 38 [Contents: Einleitung: Zum Begriffder Hohen Tauern und des Tauernfensters; Die Hahen inder Eiszeit und Nacheiszeit; Die Mineral vergesellschaftungen der Hohen Tauern, much more; excellent photography throughout]

Simpson, E. S. / MINERALS OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Volume 1: Actinolite to Chlorite, 479 pages; Volume 2: Chloritoid to Jasper, 675 pages, Volume 3: Kamacite to Zoisite, 714 pages, a number of locations given in latitude and longitude in back of each volume, - 3 -, exceptionally clean set, no illustrations, just an authoritative mineralogical set, $ 299

Symes, R. F. and Young, B. / MINERALS OF NORTHERN ENGLAND, Edinburgh, 2008, pb, 208 pages, fine colour illustrations, - 1 -, $ 199

von Bezing, L., Bode, R., and Jahn, S. / NAMIBIA MINERALS AND LOCALITIES II, Salzhemmendorf, 2016, cl, 661 pages, - 1 -, $ 319 [This might be the best mineral book ever published; now already out of print and scarce]

Weller / GEOLOGY OF THE FLUORSPAR DEPOSITS OF ILLINOIS, Illinois Geological Survey B 76, Urbana, 1952, 147 pages, 7 plates (4 in pocket), 25 figs. 4 tables, - 3/5 -, $ 100

Wilson, W. E., Bartsch, J. A., and Mauthner, M. / MASTERPIECES OF THE MINERAL WORLD, from Treasures from the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, 2004, cl, 263 pages, - 1 -, $ 175 [Contents: Introduction; The Discerning Eye (What Makes a Mineral Collectible?); 161 plates of minerals with descriptions, when collected, etc., Paths of Discovery (Mine to Museum) which gives details on the mine or mining location where the minerals illustrated in the text were found with dates and additional historical information is given; A Royal Passion (History of Aristocratic Mineral Collecting from the 16th to the 20th Centuries); Selected Bibliography and Photographic Credits]

Worner, H. K. and Mitchell, R. W., Ed. / MINERALS OF BROKEN HILL (New South Wales, Australia), Melbourne, 1982, cl, 259 pages, - 2 -, very slight wear to dust cover, $ 175  [Mint condition]    Link to the Select Mines and Mining Areas to check for other related Broken Hill books    (there will be a link on that page (Select Mines) to return to this page (Select Mineral Books)

Worner, H. K. and Mitchell, R. W., Ed. / MINERALS OF BROKEN HILL (New South Wales, Australia), Melbourne, 1982, cl, 259 pages, - 3 -, $ 160  [Mint condition, signed by author, previous owners name plate inside front board, else mint]

Worner, H. K. and Mitchell, R. W., Ed. / MINERALS OF BROKEN HILL (New South Wales, Australia), Melbourne, 1982, cl, 259 pages, - 3 -, $ 99  [Book details the history, mining, minerals, references and bibliography of the area; book has been damp at some time along the bottom edge which caused slight wrinkling along the bottom several inches of pages, still a very decent book]      

Yurgenson, G. A., Ed. /  SEMIPRECIOUS STONE FORMATIONS OF NORTHEASTERN ASIA, by V. G. Gadijatov, Voronezh, 2005, cl, 271 pages, - 2 -, $ 45  [Text in Russian, index in both Russian and English]

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