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GSA DNAG (Decade of North American Geology) Publications


Field Guide 33 - Classic Concepts and New Directions: Exploring 125 Years of GSA Discoveries in the Rocky Mountain Region $ 20 (or $15, if part of any $100 order from any catalogs on this website)


The Rocky Mountain Region has been the subject of continuous, exhaustive scientific work since the first organized geologic trips to the area began in the 1860s. Despite almost 150 years of scrutiny, the region's magnificent geology continues to challenge, perplex, and astound modern geoscientists. It is a testing ground for geologists and for big geologic ideas. This volume, prepared for the 2013 GSA Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, serves both as a progress report on what we have learned over those years of study and a guide to forthcoming scientific questions about the region. The guide's fourteen chapters, which span the region's 1.7-billion-year history, give a retrospective glimpse of early geologic ideas being forged, bring the latest mapping and analytical results from classic locations, and introduce techniques that will form the bedrock of our geologic understanding in the years to come.


1. Critical zone evolution: Climate and exhumation in the Colorado Front Range
2. Colorado geology then and now: Following the route of the Colorado Scientific Society’s 1901 trip through central Colorado
3. Transect of the Sevier and Laramide orogenic belts, northern Utah to Wyoming: Evolution of a complex geodynamic system
4. Laramide basin CSI: Comprehensive stratigraphic investigations of Paleogene sediments in the Colorado Headwaters Basin, north-central Colorado
5. Seismogenic fault-zone processes and heterogeneity recorded by pseudotachylyte: New insights from the Homestake shear zone, Colorado
6. Proterozoic metamorphism and deformation in the northern Colorado Front Range
7. Making the case for the Picuris orogeny: Evidence for a 1500 to 1400 Ma orogenic event in the southwestern United States
8. The Laramie anorthosite complex and its contact metamorphic aureole
9. Processes and rates of headcut migration in eastern Colorado gullies: West Bijou Creek field trip guide
10. Fossils and geology of the Greenhorn Cyclothem in the Comanche National Grassland, Colorado

Review of Engineering Geology 17 -  Understanding and Responding to Hazardous Substances at Mine Sites in the Western United States
, $ 20 (or $15, if part of any $100 order from any catalogs on this website)


This volume documents interesting approaches, techniques, and practical scientific considerations associated with mine site remediation. It also highlights how various federal, state, and local agencies and organizations are trying to bring the best science possible to bear on this serious problem. Some chapters focus on specific methods for characterization, particular contaminant issues, and impacts from the release of hazardous substances from mine and mill sites. Others describe successful response actions, technologies, or practical approaches for addressing contaminant releases to the environment.


1. Addressing the toxic legacy of abandoned mines on public land in the western United States
2. Characterizing infiltration through a mine-waste dump using electrical geophysical and tracer-injection methods, Clear Creek County, Colorado
3. Strategies to predict metal mobility in surficial mining environments
4. The effects of acidic mine drainage from historical mines in the Animas River watershed, San Juan County, Colorado — What is being done and what can be done to improve water quality?
5. Mining-impacted sources of metal loading to an alpine stream based on a tracer-injection study, Clear Creek County, Colorado
6. On-site repository construction and restoration of the abandoned Silver Crescent lead and zinc mill site, Shoshone County, Idaho
7. Approaches to contamination at mercury mill sites: Examples from California and Idaho
8. Approaches to site characterization, reclamation of uranium mine overburden, and neutralization of a mine pond at the White King–Lucky Lass mines site near Lakeview, Oregon
9. Passive treatment of acid rock drainage from a subsurface mine
10. Management of mine process effluents in arid environments
11. Sampling and monitoring for closure

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Newer GSA Memoirs

Newer Special Papers

Our regular stock of older GSA Publications 
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GSA DNAG (Decade of North American Geology) Publications

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