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Geology and Mining History of Colorado I - Federal Publications, part 2, small scale, historic maps

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Mining History Illustrations

Colorado I Catalog - Page 2.  Scroll down for the maps.

Link to return to the beginning of the Colorado I Catalog: Colorado I Catalog

Link to Colorado State Publications:
Colorado II Catalog

Contents of this catalog are currently on sale at 10% off for a limited time


1:24,000 <or> 1:62,500 <or> 1:31,680 maps, most of these maps are rare, hand-selected,
historical maps; dates when originally produced is provided, $20 each

Please add $10 for a shipping box for as many maps as you like; for a limited time, if you order
2 maps or more, the shipping container is free.

These Colorado maps vary in size, but generally are about 21" x 27" in size.  Photographs below are hyperlinked, click on a map below to increase their size.  At the small scale size shown here, you won't be able to read it clearly, but it gives you an idea as to the layout of each map. 

You can also order any other small quadrangle map in the USA. 
Let me know what map you would like and I will check availability and get right back to you.


Silverton - 1897

Order # 273576 
Telluride - 1897

   Order  #  276651
Georgetown - 1957

Order # 274332 
  Georgetown - 1903

Order # 358083
  Silverton - 1955

Order # 49245 
  Idaho Springs - 1974 

 Order # 48446 
  Creede - 2001

Order # 49762
  Alma -  1994
 Order # 5311
  Creede - 1914

Order # 274148
  Boulder  - 1902  

  Order  # 362771
    Mount Sherman - 1961

Order # 272594
  Garfield - 1945

   Order # 272440
  Oh-Be-Joyful - 1973 

Order # 275754
  Aspen - 1960

              Order # 273531
  Central City - 1944

Order # 272621
  Handies Peak - 1955

            Order # 272562
  Gold Hill  - 1957

       Order # 273209

Update: 2/18/2024 - Shipping tube is now free when you order 2 or more maps.
If you are interested in finding a map for specific location in a county, let me know, and I will try to find it for you. 

Lots of people are hunting for books and maps of where your relatives once lived and worked.  I am here to help!

For a limited time, there will be no charge for the shipping tubes.  Just pay for the map (or maps) and shipping.  

End of the Colorado Catalog I, part 2.  

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Colorado I Catalog

Colorado II Catalog

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