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Mineralogical Record, part 2 (Volumes 11 - 20)

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Year Volume Issue Topics / Titles in Issue Print status Cost / each
1980 11 1
Toxic Minerals
Magnesioaxinite from Luning, Nevada (Axinite Nomenclature)
Mineral Collectors, Part III
An Occurrence of Barite at Hartsel, Colorado
in print $ 12
1980 11 2
The Red Cloud Mines, Gallinas Mountains, New Mexico
Malachite Pseudomorphs, Sir Dominick Mine, Arkaroola, South Australia
Uraninite from Gatineau Park, Quebec
Rare Fluorides from a Soda Granite in the Oslo Region, Norway
Giant Crystals of Kornerupine
in print $ 12
1980 11 3
Arizona I Issue
The Hamburg Mine and Vicinity, Yuma County, Arizona
Famous Mineral Localities: The Red Cloud Mine, Yuma County, Arizona
Famous Mineral Localities: Tiger, Arizona
oop $ 35
1980 11 4
Arizona II Issue
The Defiance Mine and Vicinity, Cochise County, Arizona
The C. & B. Mine, Gila County, Arizona
The Grand Reef Mine, Graham County, Arizona
Hematite from the Dome Rock Mountains near Quartzsite, Arizona
The Grey Horse Mine, Pinal County, Arizona
Sonora Desert Museum
The Congden Earth Sciences Center, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
The Mineral Museum of the University of Arizona
Minerals from the Mineral Park Mine, Mohave County, Arizona
Chrysocolla Pseudomorphs from Ray, Arizona
The Tombstone District, Cochise County, Arizona
George A. Bideaux 1899-1978
Micromounting in Arizona
in print $ 35
1980 11 5
Famous Mineral Localities: Los Lamentos, Chihuahua, Mexico
Brown's Deposit, Northern Territory, Australia
Rare Chromates from Seh-Changi, Iran
Nealite: a New Mineral from Laurion, Greece
Alluvial Sperrylite from Finnish Lapland, Finland
Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Is There a Limit to the Number of Minerals?
in print $ 12
1980 11 6
Famous Mineral Localities: The Broken Hill Mine, Zambia
Interview: Allan Caplan
Famous Mineral Localities: The Cruzeiro Mine, Brazil, Past and Present
First Discovery of Ruby in Australia
A New Find of Crystallized Rose Quartz in Minas Gerais, Brazil
in print $ 12
1981 12 1
Famous mineral localities: Zeolites from Iceland and the Faeroes
Zeolites in Yellowstone National Park
New discoveries at Elmwood, Tennessee
Copper acetate hydrate with native copper
in print $ 15
1981 12 2
Minerals of the Lavra do Enio pegmatite
Water-clear barite from Muddy Creek, Colorado
The secondary tungsten minerals, a review
Lyman House Memorial Museum, Hilo, Hawaii
Minerals of the Wausau Pluton
The Rock Candy Mine, British Columbia
Hexoctahedral fluorite crystals from Old Chelsea, Quebec
in print $ 15
1981 12 3
Personality: Randolph S. Rothschild
Mcguinnessite, a New Carbonate from California
Chromium, State Line Chromite District, Pennsylvania and Maryland
Famous Mineral Localities: Pribram, Czechoslovakia
Manganese Minerals of Bald Knob, North Carolina
in print $ 12
1981 12 4
Mineral Fakes
Edingtonite and Natrolite from Ice River, British Columbia
Boehmite from Syenite Pegmatites in the Oslo Region, Norway
Morphology and Twinning of Sellaite from Gjerdingen, Norway
Leadhills-Wanlockhead, Scotland
Famous Mineral Localities: The Leadhills-Wanlockhead District, Scotland
in print $ 12
1981 12 5
Arizona III Issue: Bisbee
oop $ 50
1981 12 6
The Bunker Hill Mine, Kellogg, Shoshone County, Idaho
Turquoise Crystals from Britain and a Review of Related Species
Barite from the Niobec Mine, Chicoutimi, Quebec
Minerals of the Yates Uranium Mine, Pontiac County, Quebec
Shavano Peak, Colorado...a New Mt. Antero?
Ogdensburgite, Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Sjögrenite on Pyroaurite from Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Holdenite from Sterling Hill [New Jersey] and New Chemical Data
Grothine Discredited, Equals Norbergite
Barian Goyazite from Brazil
oop $ 85
1982 13 1
The Boltsburn Mine, Weardale, County Durham, England
Famous Mineral Localities: The Virgem da Lapa, Brazil, Pegmatites
Pink Octahedral Fluorite from Peru
The Sorbonne Collection
Arsenate Minerals of the Sterling Hill Mine, New Jersey: an Overview
in print $ 15
1982 13 2
Amethyst from the Thunder Bay Region, Ontario
An Introduction to the Mineralogy of Ontario's Grenville Province
The Fluorite Mines of Madoc, Ontario
A Re-examination of the Madoc, Ontario, Sulfosalts
Bytownite-- a Legacy of Early Ottawa, Ontario, a Montreal Medical Doctor and a Royal Engineer
in print $ 15
1982 13 3
Minrecordite: a New Mineral from Tsumeb, Namibia
Tsumeb [Namibia]! New Minerals and Their Associations
Stolzite from Tsumeb, Namibia
Pyromorphite, Wulfenite from the Bwlch-Glas Mines, Wales
Arsendescloizite, a New Mineral from Tsumeb, Namibia
Sperrylite from the Type Locality
Wroewolfeite in Britain
Micromounting in the Eastern Alps of Austria
in print $ 15
1982 13 4
Some Classic Mineral Localities of Southeastern Ontario
Diamond Collecting in Northern Colorado
The Lake Clear-Kuehl Lake Area, Renfrew County, Ontario
Endlichite & Descloizite from the Chalk Mountain Mine, Churchill Co., NV
Some Rare Minerals of the Bancroft, Ontario, Area
Hodgkinsonite from Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey: a Review
Mercury Amidonitrate Crystals from Colorado
Jeanbandyite: a New Member of the Stottite Group from Llallagua, Bolivia
in print $ 12
1982 13 5
Famous Mineral Localities: The Les Farges Mine, France
Pyromorphite from the Coeur D'Alene District, Idaho
On the Chemical Composition of Bunker Hill, Idaho, Pyromorphite
Ferroaxinite from New Melones Lake, Calaveras County, California
The Discovery of Powellite at Nasik, India
Powellite from Nasik, India
The Morphology of a Large Powellite Crystal from Nasik, India
in print $ 15
1982 13 6
Collecting Gold Mining Memorabilia
Nova Scotian Gold
The Colorado Quartz Mine, Mariposa County, California
Harvard Gold
European Gold
Gold from the F. John Barlow Collection
California Gold
The Gold-Containing Minerals: a Review
in print $ 20
1983  14  1
Celestite from Salem, Indiana
Minerals of the Derbyshire Orefield, England
Graphite from the Lead Hill Mine, Ticonderoga, New York
Field-Collecting Dealers: a Survey
Lotharmeyerite, a New Mineral from Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Taeniolite, Lithium-Mica from Coyote Peak, Humboldt County, California
Ferroaxinite from Bridgeville, New Jersey
oop $ 12
1983 14 2
Arizona IV Issue
Terra Incognita: the Search for Minerals in Spanish America
Famous Mineral Localities: the Magma Mine, Arizona
Camp Verde [Arizona] Evaporites
Ferroan Dolomite from the Vekol Mine, Arizona
Famous Mineral Localities: the Old Yuma Mine, Arizona
The Minerals of Malpais Hill, Pinal County, Arizona
Zeolites and Associated Minerals from Horseshoe Dam, Arizona
Calciovolborthite from the New Water Mountains, Yuma County, Arizona
Famous Mineral Localities: The Hilltop Mine, Arizona
The Silver Bill Mine, Gleeson, Arizona
Cuprian Fraipontite & Sauconite, Defiance-Silver Bill Mines, Gleeson, Arizona
oop $ 35
1983 14 3
Across the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, Part I
Cubanite from Chibougamau, Quebec
Famous Mineral Localities: Baveno, Italy
Sellaite from the Brumado Mine [Brazil]
Minerals of the Buckwheat Dolomite, Franklin, New Jersey
Red Montgomeryite, Tip Top Pegmatite, South Dakota
Pyrobelonite from Franklin, New Jersey
oop $ 50
1983 14 4
New Minerals 1978-1982: a Perspective
A New Stolzite Occurrence: Broken Hill, Australia
Copper Countr, Michigan, Microminerals
Famous Mineral Localities: Córrego Frio Mine & Vicinity, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Bastnaesite near Ticonderoga, New York
Across the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, Part II
Allactite from Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey
in print $ 12
1983 14 5
Arizona V Issue
Lost Mines of Arizona
Famous Mineral Localities: The New Cornelia Mine, Ajo, Arizona
Famous Mineral Localities: The Glove Mine, Arizona
Famous Mineral Localities: The Ray Mine, Arizona
The Presmyk Collection
Richard L. Jones 1933-1982
Ramsdellite from the Mistake Mine, Arizona
Black Dioptase from Tiger, Arizona
oop $ 35
1983 14 6
Collector's Diary: Chuquicamata and the Nitrate Pampa, Chile
University of Delaware Museum
in print $ 12
1983 - -
The Mineralogical Record Index 1970 - 1983
oop $ 25
1984 15 1
The Mines and Minerals of Darwin, California
Minerals of the Pereta Mine, Tuscany, Italy
Alteration Minerals of the Cetine Mine, Tuscany, Italy
Siegenite from the Buick Mine, Bixby, Missouri
Additions & Corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species 1983
oop $ 12
1984 15 2
Collector's Diary: Iquique, Copiapo, and Chañarcillo, Chile
Minerals of the Italian Mountain Area, Colorado
Mineral Occurrences in Western Canada
Minerals of the Puu o Ehu Quarry, Hawaii
Kornerupine and Sapphirine Crystals from the Harts Range, Central Australia
Cleaning Delicate Minerals
The Libethenite Zone, Burra Mine, South Australia
oop $ 12
1984 15 3
The Munich Show
Gerald Troost and His Collection
Minerals of Point of Rocks, New Mexico
Collector's Diary: Santiago to Valparaiso, Chile
United States National Collection Continues to Grow
in print $ 12
1984 15 4
Famous Mineral Localities: The Sterling Mine, Antwerp, New York
Pseudomorphs from the Burra Mine, South Australia
New Data on Lotharmeyerite
Hematite Overgrowths Delineating Dauphiné Twinning in Quartz
The Legacy of Jack Boyle
Great Pockets: The Tiefengletscher, Switzerland, Quartz Grotto
oop $ 12
1984 15 5
The Jacupiranga Mine, São Paulo, Brazil
The Jensen Quarry, Riverside County, California
Secondary Uranium Minerals of the Cunha Baixa Mine [Portugal]
A Highly Magnesian Alleghanyite from Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Paulkerrite, a New Titanium Phosphate from Arizona
in print $ 12
1984 15 6
Famous Mineral Localities: the Mines and Minerals of Bad Ems, Germany
Vanadinite fromTouissit, Morocco, and Comments on Endlichite
Hawleyite and Phosphate Minerals from Bethel Church, Indiana
Fluorapatite from the King Lithia Mine, Custer County, South Dakota
in print $ 12
1985 16 1
Nevada Issue
Early History of the Comstock Lode, Nevada
The Getchell Mine, Humboldt County, Nevada
Steamboat Springs, Nevada
Northumberland Mine, Nye County, Nevada
Type Localities in Nevada
Majuba Hill Mine, Pershing County, Nevada
Mopungite, a New Mineral from Nevada
Julie Claim, Mineral County, Nevada
White Caps Mine, Manhattan, Nevada
oop $ 15
1985 16 2
Recent Discoveries of Phenakite in Brazil
Bahianite from Brazil
Mammothite, a New Mineral from Tiger, Arizona and Laurium, Greece
Sodium-pharmacosiderite, a New Analog of Pharmacosiderite from Australia
Miguel Romero Mineralogical Museum, Mexico
Microminerals of the Western volcanic microminerals
Additions & Corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species 1983
oop $ 12
1985 16 3
Colorado III Issue
Famous Mineral Localities: The Mines and Minerals of Leadville, Colorado
The Mines and Minerals of Rico, Colorado
Minerals of the Pikes Peak Granite, Colorado
Great Pockets: The Cresson Vug, Cripple Creek, Colorado
The Geology Museum, Colorado School of Mines
in print $ 12
1985 16 4
Famous Mineral Localities: Kingsgate Mines, New South Wales, Australia
Aluminum phosphate minerals, Maudlin Mountain, Arkansas
in print $ 12
1985 16 5
Tourmaline Issue
Toramalli: a Short History of the Tourmaline Group
The Tourmaline Group: A Résumé
Minerals of the Elba, Italy, Pegmatites
Maine Tourmaline
Gem Pegmatites of the Shingus-Dusso Area, Gilgit, Pakistan
The Tourmalines of Nepal
Recent Work at the Himalaya Mine, California
in print $ 20
1985 16 6
Famous Mineral Localities: Graves Mountain, Lincoln County, Georgia
Hutchinsonite from Quiruvilca, Peru
New Occurrences for Ushkovite and Comments on Laueite
Canaphite, Paterson Area, New Jersey
Calcioferrite from the Moculta Quarry near Angaston, South Australia
Fibrous Rutile from Franklin, New Jersey
The Gardiner Complex, a New Locality in Greenland
in print $ 12
1986 17 1
Silver Issue
German Silver: an Historical Perspective on Silver Mining in Germany
Famous Mineral Localities: the Kongsberg Silver Mines, Norway
Michigan Silver: Native Silver Occurrences, Upper Peninsula, Michigan
Famous Mineral Localities: the Silver Islet Mine, Ontario
Famous Mineral Localities: the Batopilas District, Chihuahua, Mexico
oop $ 25
1986 17 2
Mineral Specimen Mislabeling
Mineral Localities in Austria
Vanadinite from the J.C. Holmes Claim, Santa Cruz County, Arizona
Michigan Gold Belt
Marsturite Epitaxial on Rhodonite from Franklin, New Jersey
A New Zinc Magnesium Carbonate, Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Mcguinnessite from a Serpentinite Body in Maryland
Native Copper from Prospect Park, New Jersey
Whewellite from South Dakota
in print $ 12
1986 17 3
Mineral Specimen Trimming
Famous Mineral Localities: Knappenwand, Untersulzbachtal, Austria
New Mineral Occurrences from the Laurium [Greece] Slags
Senaite from the Fazenda Guariba, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Chalcophyllite and Other Rare Hydroxy-sulfates, Maharahara, New Zealand
Notes From Italy
in print $ 12
1986 17 4
Great Pockets: The National Belle Mine, Colorado
Phosphate Minerals from the Tip Top Mine, Black Hills, South Dakota
The Stoneham Barite Locality, Colorado
The Buca Della Vena Mine, Tuscany, Italy
in print $ 12
1986 17 5
Type Locality Minerals of the Black Hills, South Dakota
The Urucum Pegmatite, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Mineralogy of the Kalkar Quarry, Santa Cruz, California
The Mineralogical Cabinet of the Observatory of Kremsmünster, Austria
Stereo Optics for Mineralogy
in print $ 12
1986 17 6
Famous Mineral Localities: Bleiberg, Carinthia, Austria
Brochantite and Other Minerals from the Paoli, Oklahoma Area
Curved Jamesonite Crystals from Romania
Natrolite Arches from Simmon's Bay, Australia
Arsenopyrite from the Kilpatrick Mine, Madoc, Ontario
Cuprocassiterite discredited as Mushistonite; Etta Mine [South Dakota]
History of Traprock Silver
in print $ 12
1987 18 1
Gold Issue
Gold in Australia
The History of Crystallized Gold in California
Gold Occurrences in Tuolumne County, California
Famous Mineral Localities: Breckenridge, Colorado
Notable Gold Occurrences of Georgia & Alabama
North Carolina Gold
Gold in the California State Mineral Collection
Gold from Hope's Nose, Torquay, Devon, England
in print $ 20
1987 18 2
The Perry Letters
The Mineralogical Cabinet of Teyler's Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands
Famous Mineral Localities: Elk Creek, South Dakota
Ramsbeckite: An American Occurrence at the Ecton Mine, Pennsylvania
Neotocite from the Foote Mine, North Carolina
Pokrovskite, a Common Mineral
Phosphosiderite from the Champion Mine, California
in print $ 12
1987 18 3
Bassetite from Arcu su Linnarbu, Capoterra, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
The Alice Glory Hole, Clear Creek County, Colorado
Museum of the Geological Survey of South Africa
Garnet Hill, White Pine County, Nevada
A Baumhauerite-like Mineral from Quiruvilca, Peru
Monazite and Calcioancylite from the Foote Mine, North Carolina
Foote Mine, North Carolina
An Unusual Quartz Crystal from Zaire
The Collector's Library: Minerals of the United States-- Update and Additions
in print $ 12
1987 18 3
Same as above, but this issue has several small creases on the front cover
in print $ 10
1987 18 4
The Mineralogical Museum at Marburg, West Germany
Minerals of the Carrara Marble, Italy
in print $ 12
1987 18 5
The Peking Geological Museum, China
The Colorful Vanadium Minerals: a Brief Review and a New Classification
Inesite from the Hale Creek Mine, Trinity County, California
in print $ 12
1987 18 6
Mineral Curators: Their Appointments and Duties
Pyrite Crystals from the Duff Quarry, Ohio
Mineral Stereophotography
The Miller Calcite Collection
Mineralogy of the Killie Mine, Elko County, Nevada
oop $ 20
1988 19 1
Mineral Museums of Europe Issue
Slovak Mining Museum, Banská Stiavnica, Czechoslovakia
Slovakian National Museum, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
Moravian Museum, Brno, Czechoslovakia
Národní Museum, Prague, Czechoslovakia
State Museum of Mineralogy and Geology, Dresden, East Germany
Freiberg Mining Academy, Freiberg, East Germany
Harzmuseum, Wernigerode, East Germany
Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Loránd University Mineral Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Wieliczka Saltworks Museum, Wieliczka, Poland
The Gold Museum, Brad, Romania
Fersman Mineralogical Museum, Moscow, USSR
Leningrad Mining Institute, Leningrad, USSR
Slovenia Natural History Museum, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
Trepca Mineralogical Museum, Stari Trg, Yugoslavia
in print $ 12
1988 19 2
Iron Cap MIne, Graham County, Arizona
Recent Mineral Discoveries in Ouray County, Colorado
Anatase on Quartz from Ouray County, Colorado
in print $ 22
1988 19 3
The Tonopah-Belmont Mine, Maricopa County, Arizona
James Bowdoin and Parker Cleaveland
Zeolites from the Table Mountain Lava Flows, Golden, Colorado
in print $ 12
1988 19 4
Formal Defintions of Type Mineral Specimens
Famous Mineral Localities: The Ichinokawa Mine, Japan
Mineralogy of the Bandora Mine, South Mineral Creek, San Juan County, Colorado
Chernikovite, a New Mineral Name
Calcum Arsenate Minerals New to the Getchell Mine, Nevada
Denver Museum of Natural History
in print $ 12
1988 19 5
Protocols for Scientists on the Deposition of Investigated Mineral Specimens
Almaden Mine
Famous mineralogists: Jöns Jacob Berzelius (1779-1848)
Famous Mineral Localities: The Almadén Mines, Ciudad Real, Spain
Agardite-(Y), Gysinite-(Nd) and Other Rare Minerals from Sardinia, Italy
Osarizawaite from the Silver Hill Mine, Arizona
A Notable Probertite Find at Boron, California
New Mineral Names
in print $ 12
1988 19 6
Australia Issue
Early Australian Mineralogy
Early American Interest in Australian Minerals
The Mineral Collection of the Australian Museum
Minerals of Western Tasmania [Australia]
Volcanic Zeolites and Associated Minerals from New South Wales, Australia
Minerals of the Moonta and Wallaroo Mining Districts, South Australia
Broken Hill, New South Wales [Australia]: a Brief Review
Minerals from the Kintore Opencut, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
Mimetite and Duftite from the Mount Bonnie Mine, Northern Territory, Australia
Zeolites from Phillip Island and Flinders, Victoria, Australia
The Chapman Collection, a National Treasure
The Mount Isa-Cloncurry Mineral Field, Northern Queensland
in print $ 20
1989 20 1
New Mexico Issue
A Short History of Mining in New Mexico
Minerals First Described from New Mexico
Famous Mineral Localities: The Magdalena District, Kelly, New Mexico
The Stephenson-Bennett Mine [New Mexico]
Famous Mineral Localities: The Hansonburg District, Bingham, New Mexico Fluorite from the Pine Canyon Deposit, Grant County, New Mexico
Mina Tiro Estrella [New Mexico]
Ilmenite Epitaxial on Bixbyite from Sierra County, New Mexico
Micromounting in New Mexico
The New Mexico Bureau of Mines Mineral Museum
in print $ 12
1989 20 1
Same as above with slight scuff to edges of cover
in print $ 10
1989 20 2
The Little Three Mine Pegmatites, Ramona District, San Diego County, California
California Locality Index
Gypsum Crystals from near Zaragoza, Spain
in print $ 16
1989 20 3
Famous Mineralogists: Samuel Lewis Penfield (1856-1906)
Recent Discoveries of Hydroxylherderite in Minas Gerais [Brazil]
The Anjanabonoina Pegmatite, Madagascar
The Port Radium District, Northwest Territories, Canada
Mineralogy of the Alpine Veins near Sherbrooke, Quebec
Famous Mineral Localities: The Ouro Preto, Brazil, Topaz Mines
in print $ 12
1989 20 4
Romé Delisle and his Bibliography
Famous Mineral Localities: The Uranium Deposits of the Shaba Region, Zaire
Additions and Corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species, 5th Edition (1987)
in print $ 16
1989 20 4
same as above but slight wear to top corners of cover
in print $ 14
1989 20 5
Diamonds in Brazil
A Vivianite Occurrence in Contra Costa County, California
Essay: Minerals and Metals
Phosphate Minerals from the Leveäniemi Iron Mine, Svappavaara, Sweden
The Mineral Collection of the Museum of Natural History, Vienna
Phosphate Microminerals of the Indian Mountain Area, Alabama and Georgia
Laueite from Hagendorf-Süd [Germany] and the Palermo Mine, New Hampshire
New Data on the Cause of Smoky and Amethystine Color in Quartz
Famous Mineral Localities: Phoenixville Lead-Silver Mines, Chester County, PA
in print $ 12
1989 20 5 Same as above with slight scuff to edge of cover in print $ 10
1989 20 6
Great Pockets: The "Bridal Chamber," Lake Valley, New Mexico
Stibnites of the Stayton District, Hollister, California
"Pseudoleucite" Pseudomorphs from Rio das Ostras, Brazil
The Highland Bell Mine, Beaverdell, British Columbia
The Blue Ball Mine, Gila County, Arizona
Pyrite Crystals from Soria and La Rioja Provinces, Spain
On Right Angle Bends in Filiform Pyrite
Pyrophyllite from Ibitiara, Brazil
An Occurrence of Orpiment at the Carlin Gold Mine, Nevada
Pint's Quarry, Black Hawk County, Iowa
in print $ 12
1989 20 6 same as above but with two tiny nicks on top edge of cover in print $ 10

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