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Mineralogical Record, part 1 (Volumes 1 - 10)

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oop = out of print

oos = out of stock
Year Volume Issue Topics / Titles in Issue Print status Cost / each
1970 1 1
Early New England Collections
Ice Clear Mirabilite from Chile
Lunar Mineralogy
A Multiple Japan Law Quartz Twin
oop $ 30
1970  1 2
The Moctezuma Tellurium Deposit, Mexico
Specimen Cleaning Reagents
New Minerals From New England
Building a One-Circle Optical Goniometer
Mineral Occurrences in the Western Lake Baikal District, U.S.S.R.
oop $ 30
1970 1 3
Rutile From Watertown, Connecticut
Eakerite-- a New Tin Silicate
Cenosite From Switzerland
"Type" Specimens in Mineralogy
Mineral Rings and Cylinders
Cornetite from Saginaw Hill, Arizona
oop $ 30
1970 1 4
Second Occurrence of Benstonite
Emerald Mining in Colombia: History & Geology
Natrolite and Analcime from Eckman Creek Quarry, Waldport, Oregon
Langban-type deposits, Sweden
in print $ 30
1971 2 1
Delafossite from the Kirwin Mineralized Area, Wyoming
Mineral Auctions at Sothebys of London
Calcian Ancylite from Pennsylvania: New Data
"Stevensite": a Review
A Note on "Lancasterite" from Cedar Hill & Texas, Pennsylvania
Mineral Collecting at Monte Redondo, Portugal
Minerals of the Spinel Group from Alleghany County, North Carolina
oop $ 20
1971 2 2
X-Ray Crystallography 1
Chessy, France
The Minerals of Panasqueira, Portugal
Quartz-- Two New Blues
oop oos
1971 2 3
Rhodochrosite Crystal Localities in the West
The State of the Art: X-Ray Crystallography-- Part II: Single Crystal Methods
Four of a Kind
Chalcoalumite from Bisbee, Arizona
An Occurrence of Buetschliite East of the Rocky Mountains
Ytterby, Sweden: a Classic Mineral Locality
New Minerals fron Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec
oop oos
1971 2 4
New Minerals from California
Churchite and Florencite-(Nd) from Sausalito, California
Antarcticite from California
The State of the Art: X-Ray Crystallography-- Part III: The Powder
A New Mineral from the Gem Mine, San Benito, California

oop $ 20
1971 2 5
Collecting Rare Sulphosalts in British Columbia
Hidalgoite from Gold Hill, Utah
Minerals of the Grandview Mine [Arizona]
Crandallite from Gore, Frederick County, Virginia
An Occurrence of Svanbergite in California
On the Chemistry and Color of Rose Quartz
Early Mineral Specimens from New England
oop oos
1971 2 6
Classic Locality: The Apache Mine, Arizona
The Microstructure of Precious Opal
Merrillite and Whitlockite or What's in a Name?
oop $ 20
1972 3 1
Mineralogy of the Miarolitic Cavities in Plutonic Rocks, Norway
Interference Colors in Oil Slicks and Feldspars
The State of the Art-- Crystal Growth, Part 1
Zeolites from Skookumchuck Dam, Washington
Hakansboda Copper and Cobalt Deposit, Sweden
oop $ 17
1972 3 2
The State of the Art-- Crystal Growth, Part 2
Willemite From the Andover Iron Mine, Andover, New Jersey
The Evans-Lou Pegmatite, Quebec
Antimony Peak [California]: A Field Trip 110 Years Later
New Data on Emmonsite and a Second Locality for Sonoraite
Sphalerite and Associated Minerals from East Tennessee
oop $ 17
1972 3 3
The State of the Art-- Crystal Growth, Part 3 (Conclusion)
Crocoite in the Adelaide Mine, Dundas, Tasmania [Australia]
Tennantite-Tetrahedrite from Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico
Mineral Collecting in Val Malenco, Italy
oop $ 17
1972 3 4
The State if the Art - Electron Microscopes and Microprobes
Boron Minerals and Deposits, Part 1
Minerals of the Fairfax Quarry, Centreville, Virginia
oop $ 17
1972 3 5
SEM Study of Minerals in Geodes from Chihuahua, Mexico
Boron Minerals and Deposits, Part 2
Walter F. Ferrier and the Ferrier Mineral Collections
What's in a Name: Mac vs. Mc in Mineral Names
oop $ 17
1972 3 6
Mineralogy of the 79 Mine Lead-Zinc-Copper Deposit
Folio: the 79 Mine, Arizona
oop $ 17
1973 4 1
Quartz, Quartz, Quartz: A Exhibition at the Royal Ontario
Hydromagnesite from Soghan, Iran
Hydroboracite from the Thompson Mine, Death Valley, California
Tetrawickmanite, Tetragonal MnSn(OH)6
Stevenson Bennett Mine, New Mexico
Mines of Traversella, Italy
oop $ 20
1973 4 2
Trepca, Serbia and Its Minerals
Recent Work on the Minerals of Franklin and Sterling Hills, NJ
Occurrence / Analysis of Unusual Zeolitic Minerals from Bingham, Utah
Brannockite, a New Tin Mineral
oop $ 20
1973 4 3
Pegmatite Phosphates
Wyllieite, A New Species
oop $ 59
1973 4 4
Overgrowths of Tennantite on Pyrite from Quiruvilca, Peru
Idocrase (Vesuvianite) I
Reproducing Crystal Drawings
Metamict Minerals: A Review, Part I
Brown Calcite From Iowa
oop $ 20
1973 4 5
Scawtite From Java, Indonesia
Minerals from Larra da Ihha Pegmatite, Brazil
Metamict Mineral II
Minerals of the Morro Velho Gold Mine, Brazil
oop $ 20
1973 4 6
American Mineralogist 1
Black Quartz from Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil
Symmetrical Distortion of Pyrite from Naica, Mexico
Colemanite: Type Locality and Describer
The Mark C. Bandy Collection
oop $ 20
1974 5 1
Minerals of the Rowley Mine, Arizona
American Mineralogist, Part 2
oop $ 20
1974 5 2
An American Mineralogist, Part 3
Colemanite, Thompson Mine, California
oop $ 17
1974 5 3
An American in Altdorf
An Occurrence of Vivianite Nodules from North Carolina
An American Mineralogist, Part 4
Underground Collecting
oop $ 17
1974 5 4
Siderite in Vesicular Basalt Between Moscow, ID and Pullman, WA
An American Mineralogist, Part 5
Colemanite Pseudomorphs, Corkscrew Mine, Death Valley, California
Discovery of Apatite on the Lievre River, Quebec
Minerals of the Pike’s Peak Granite, Colorado
oop $ 20
1974 5 5
Melanophlogite: a New and Interesting Find
Pennsylvanian Minerals I. Violarite From the Gap Nickel Mine
An American Mineralogist, Part 6
Mineralogy of the Julcani District, Peru
Collecting Localities, Capelinha-Malacacheta Area, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Iron Phosphate Mineral Locality at Indian Mountain, Alabama
oop $ 20
1974 5 6
An American Mineralogist, Part 7
Occurrence of Bobierrite at Wodgina, Western Australia
Occurrence of Alstonite at Cave in Rock, Illinois
The Palermo Mine, New Hampshire
The Mineralogy of the Boleite Group
Galkhaite: a Mineral From Siberia Found at the Getchell Mine, Nevada
oop $ 20
1975 6 1
An American Mineralogist, Part 8
Gem Tourmaline...Rediscovered at Newry, Maine
Elbaite from Newry, Maine
Minerals of the Tui Mine, New Zealand
Graemite: a New Mineral from Bisbee, Arizona
oop $ 17
1975 6 2
An American Mineralogist, Part 9
Iron-Manganese Phosphates of the Williams Pegmatites, Alabama
Crystal Habits of the Minerals of Searless Lake, California
The Kramer Borate Mineral Assemblage, Boron, California
oop $ 17
1975 6 3
Quenstedtite from California
Descloizite from the C and B Vanadium Mine, Arizona
Minerals of the Zinc Hill Mine, Inyo County, California
The Bertrandites of Connecticut
oop $ 20
1975 6 4
Levyne-Offretite from Beach Creek, Oregon
Red Cloud, Arizona: The Story of One Man's Discovery
Fluoborite: A new locality in New Jersey
Newry, Maine: A Pegmatite Phosphate Locality
oop $ 20
1975 6 5
The Gunnell Crystal Collections
New Barite find, Southern Illinois
Uranium-Vanadium Deposit of Mounana, Gabon
C. U. Shepard Mineral Collection
oop $ 20
1975 6 6
Fersmite From North Carolina
Creedite at Colquiri, Inquisivi Province, Department of LaPaz, Bolivia
Minerals of the Lead-Zinc Localities of Brazil
The Loudville Lead Mines, Connecticut
Rosenhahnite, Durham Quarry, Durham, Wake County, North Carolina
oop $ 20
1976 7 1
Minerals of the Bald Mountain Skarn, Pipestone Pass Area, Montana
Famous Mineral Locality: Broken Hill, Australia
An occurrence of multiple Japan-law quartz twins
oop $ 20
1976 7 2
Glendonites, Their Origins and Description
Pennsylvania Minerals II. Strontianite
Mineralization, Four Peaks Amethyst Deposit, Maricopa County, Arizona
Nordstrandite from Narssarssuk, Greenland
oop $ 20
1976 7 3
Minerals of the Laurium Mines, Attica, Greece
The Zürich Show, 1975
oop $ 20
1976 7 4
Barite form Grand Junction, Colorado
Sulfur-Pyrite Spherules from Mt. Baker, Washington
Minerals of the Marbridge Mines Ltd., Quebec
Pyrite Aggregates from Cap-Blanc-Nez, France
oop $ 20
1976 7 5
Ontonogan Copper Boulder, Michigan
Beryl - A Review
Morocco Mineralogy
Zeolite Mineral Specimens from the Deccan Basalt, India
oop oos
1976 7 6
Colorado I Issue
Mordenite at Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado
Some Additions to the Ore Mineralogy of Colorado
Crystallized Minerals of the Colorado Mineral Belt
Famous Mineral Localities: Saint John's Island, Egypt
Many copies of this issue were lost in a plane crash
oop $ 100
1977 8 1
Famous Mineral Localities: Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
Denny Mountain Quartz, Washington
The Secondary Mercury Minerals of Terlingua, Texas
Crocoite and Its Increasing Scarcity
The Hall of Minerals and Gems at the American Museum
Bluebell Mine, Riondel, British Columbia, Canada
An Experiment in Specimen Appraisal
Mining Claims for the Mineral Collector
Morphology and Occurrence of Bolivian Cassiterite
oop $ 30
1977 8 2
Pegmatite I
Famous Mineral Localities: The Pulsifer Quarry, Maine
Apatite: a Guide to Species Nomenclature
The Snowbird Mine: Montana's Parisite Locality
The Clear Creek Pegmatite: Rare Earth Pegmatite, Burnet County, Texas
The Helvite Group
Lithiophilite Crystals from the Foote Mine, North Carolina
Uvite, a New (Old) Common Member of the Tourmaline Group
The Dravite Crystal Bonanza of Yinnietharra, Western Australia
A New Mineral: Perloffite, the Fe3+ Analogue of Bjarebyite
The Harding Mine, Taos County, New Mexico
oop $ 35
1977 8 3
Tsumeb Issue
Geographical and Political Background
Tsumeb History
Tsumeb Geology
Minerals: a Descriptive List at Tsumeb, Namibia
Paragenesis: Assemblages, Sequences, Associations
The Best of Tsumeb, Namibia
The Kegel Collection
Sid Pieters: a Personality Sketch
Folio: Tsumeb!
oop $ 75
1977 8 4
Europe Issue
Anatase from Norway
The Lengenbach Mineral Locality, Binna Valley, Valais, Switzerland
Famous Mineral Localities: Lengenbach, Switzerland
Rare Earth Minerals in the Alpine and Subalpine Region
Rediscovery of Stokesite Crystals in Cornwall, England
Mendipite (Rare Oxychloride Minerals), Mendip Hills, Somerset, England
Fluorite from the Font Sante Mine, Esterel, Var, France
Minerals from the Volcanic District of Laacher See, Germany
in print $ 15
1977 8 5
Characterization of New Mineral Species
Twinning in minerals
Orthoclase from West Maroon Pass, Colorado
Mineralogy of the Green River Formation
Axinite, Hydromagnesite, Amethyst, Vitória da Conquista, Brazil
in print $ 12
1977 8 6
California Issue
Gold from the Colorado Quartz Mine, California
Minerals of the Benitoite Gem Mine, California
Jonesite, Benitoite Gem Mine, San Benito County, California
Artinite from San Benito County, California
Himalaya Dike System, Mesa Grande District, San Diego County, California
Footnote: The Reopening of the Himalaya Mine, California
Mineralogy of the Champion Mine, White Mountains, California
Minerals of the Blue Bell Mine, San Bernardino County, California
oop $ 20
1978 9 1
The Collector's Library
Wodginite and Cassiterite, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Zinc Phosphates at Reaphook Hill, South Australia
Natrolite at the Chimney Rock Quarry, Bound Brook, New Jersey
in print $ 12
1978 9 2
Famous Mineral Localities: Bou-Azzer, Morocco
The Jeffrey Quarry, Arkansas
Minerals of the Geenbushes Tinfield, Australia
The Amity Area, Orange County, New York
Hydroxyapophyllite, Apophyllite, Fluorapophyllite
Uralolite from the Dunton Gem Mine, Newry, Maine
in print $ 12
1978 9 3
Famous Mineral Localities: Kalahari Manganese, South Africa
Famous Mineral Localities: Paterson, New Jersey
The Carl Bosch Mineral Collection
Famous Mineral Localities: The Brumado District, Bahia, Brazil
in print $ 12
1978 9 4
Elmwood and Gordonsville Zinc Mines, Carthage, Tennessee
The Crystal Forms of Pyrite
The Chester Emery Mine, Massachusetts
Cuprite Up Close
in print $ 12
1978 9 5
Kämmererite from the Kop Krom Mine, Kop Daglari, Turkey
Famous Mineral Localities: The Pegmatites of Laghman, Afganistan
Famous Mineral Localities: Chuquicamata, Chile
in print $ 12
1978 9 6
Libethenite from the Rokana Mine, Zambia
Quartz and Pyrite from King County, Washington
New Minerals 1973-1977: A Perspective
Glossary Update
Hydroboracite, Furnace Creek Formation, California: A Historical Note
in print $ 12
  9  10 12 Cloth bound volume of all 12 issues together from
Volume 9 and 10
in print $ 100
1979 10 1
Hydroxyl-herderite from Brazil
The Collector's Library, Part II: Minerals of the United States
Hyalite from the Spruce Pine District, North Carolina
in print $ 12
1979 10 2
Famous Mineral Localities: The Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Quebec
Minerals of the Alpine Rodingites of Italy
An Interesting Fluorite Crystal from the Black Forest, Germany
in print $ 12
1979 10 3
Famous Mineral Localities: The Taewha Mine, Korea
The Occurrence of Japan-Law Twinning in Quartz
Hureaulite and Barbosalite from Lavra do Criminoso, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Radioactive Minerals from the Bancroft Area, Ontario
Contributions to the Mineralogy of Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey
The Collector's Library, Part III: Minerals of Mexico
in print $ 12
1979 10 4
Famous Mineral Localities: Chañarcillo, Chile
Quartz Geodes from near the Sierra Gallego Area, Chihuahua, Mexico
Underground Collecting at Långban,Sweden
Curetonite, a new Phosphate from Nevada
Memoirs of a Mineral Collector, Part I
in print $ 18
1979 10 5
Famous Mineral Localities: The Thomas Range, Wah Wah Mountains, Utah
The Niccioleta and Boccheggiano Pyrite Mines, Tuscany, Italy
Memoirs of a Mineral Collector, Part II
in print $ 12
1979 10 6
Colorado II Issue
Colorado Locality Index
What's New in Colorado Minerals?
Famous Mineral Localities: The Home Sweet Home Mine, Colorado
Famous Mineral Localities: Mount Antero, Colorado
The San Juan Mountains of Colorado
Amazonite from the Pikes Peak Batholith, Colorado
Mineral Collecting at the Sunnyside & Idarado Mines, Colorado
in print $ 15

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