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Mineralogical Record, part 6 (Volumes 51 - 60)

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oop = out of print
oos = out of stock
Year Volume Issue Topics / Titles in Issue Print status Cost / each
2020 51 1
Arizona VII
Arizona wulfenite in the news, 1877-1940
The Piedmont mine, Yavapai County, Arizona
The San Manuel mine, Pinal County, Arizona
The Morenci district, Greenlee County, Arizona
Mineral collecting at the Magma mine, Superior, Arizona
Treasures of the Magma mine
George Godas: 50 years of field collecting in Arizona
The Ford mine, Mammoth district, Pinal County, Arizona
The Rowley mine, Painted Rock Mountains, Maricopa County, Arizona
Lost Arizona mineral collections, 1863-1912
The University of Arizona Mineral Museum: eminent past, bright future
in print oos
2020 51 1.1
Mineral Collections in Arizona
oop $ 25
2020 51 2
Pink amethyst from the El Choique mine, Patagonia, Argentina
The Copper World and Mohawk mines
in print oos
2020 51 3
Montreal Mine!
The Montreal mine, Iron County, Wisconsin
Fabian Wildfang and his mineral collection
in print oos
2020 51 4
The diaspore mines near Pinarcik in the Ilbir Mountains, Mugla Province, Turkey
Why competition? Two perspectives.
Sphalerite and wurtzite from the Carrara marble, Tuscany, Italy
The 1819 siderite pocket, Wheal Maudlin, Cornwall, England
Kiyoshi Kiikuni: mineral collector, dealer, photographer and saxophonist
Albertus Seba (1665-1736), his mineral collection and Thesaurus
in print oos
2020 51 5
Clay Center!
The White Rock quarry, Clay Center, Ottawa County, Ohio
The Garnet Ledge almandine deposit
The Peter L. Via collection at James Madison University
in print oos
2020 51 6.1
Mineral Collections in Texas III
oop oos
2020 51 6
The King of Kashmir!
Collecting the King of Kashmir aquamarine
Sapat Gali, Mansehra district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
Black topaz from the Thomas Range, Juab County, Utah
Zircon crystals from the Mud Tank Carbonatite, Northern Territory, Australia
More micromineral photos by Christian Rewitzer
Smartphone mineral photography
oop oos
2021 52 1
Husky Mine!
The lure of Chief Mountain: Pala Pegmatite District, San Diego County, California
The Husky mine, Elsa, Yukon Territory, Canada
Quartz from the Cholla de Veracruz mine, Las Vigas Region, Veracruz, Mexico

in print oos
2021 52 2
Australian Gold!
The Dragon's Lair gold, Beta Hunt mine, Western Australia
Larkin's quarry, Connemara, Ireland
Twinning in fluorite crystals
Visiting the Comstock in 1878
The Freeport-McMoRan mineral collection, Phoenix, Arizona
in print oos
2021 52 3
The Medina Pegmatite Field, Pedra Azul District, Minas Gerais, Brazil
The Maybee Quarry, Maybee, Monroe County, Michigan
Alpine rutile, brookite and anatase
in print oos
2021 52 4
The Áliva Mines!
The Áliva Mining District, Picos de Europa Mountains, Camaleño, Cantabria, Spain
The Penfield and Walworth Quarries, Monroe and Wayne Counties, New York
in print oos
2021 52 5
Mexico IX
The Milpillas Mine, Cuitaca, Sonora, Mexico
in print oos
2021 52 6 Elba Tourmaline!

A history of tourmaline from the Island of Elba
Thumbnail Collectors in China
Gold and silver Ingots! Bars of History
in print oos
2022 53 1 History, Mines and Minerals of the Mogok Stone Tract, Mandalay Division, Burma in print oos
2022 53 2 Charles Locke Key; A life in minerals
The Hallelujah Junction scepter quartz deposit, Petersen Mountain, Nevada
The Ekati and Diavik diamond mines, Lac de Gras, Northwest Territories, Canada
The Irving Materials quarry, Anderson, Indiana
Giroux Point, the Bagdad mine, Yavapai County, Arizona
in print oos
2022 53 3 Capelinha: Titanite and epidote deposits of the Capelinha Region, Minas Gerias, Brazil
Collector Profile: Harris Precht, mineral collector and tree farmer
in print oos
2022 53 3.1  Eureka!  This issue is unlike any previous Mineralogical Record supplement in that its exclusive focus is self-collected specimens. In 400+ pages the supplement records the thrilling Eureka! experiences of more than 100 collectors from all over the world, with photos of some of the finest specimens they have dug from old and new workings of quarries and underground mines, in mine dumps, lonely fields, and remote outcrops, and wherever else their quests for minerals “in the raw” have led them. in print oos
2022 53 4 Dzhezkazgan, Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan
The discovery of boleite, cumengeite and pseudoboleite
in print oos
2022 53 5 The Akchatau mine, Shet District, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
The Graf Jost-Christian mine, Wolfsberg, Harz Mountains,
Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Jürgen Siemroth, Georg Gebhard, Thomas Phosphate Minerals from Lime Ridge, Snyder County, Pennsylvania
in print oos
2022 53 6 The Laohuan mine, Goncheng, Zhuang, Guangxi, China
Reichenstein-Grieserntal Quartz Twins: Two Angles Named in a single Twin Law
Mathieu-Alexandre Allizeau (1774–1835): Crystal Model Making in Times of Change
An Overview of the Type Mineralogy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
in print oos
2023 54 1 Copper Country II Introduction
The Keweenaw County Fissure Mines
The Cliff Mine, Keweenaw County, Michigan
The Central Mine, Keweenaw County, Michigan
The Copper Falls Mine, Keweenaw County, Michigan
The Phoenix Mine, Keweenaw County, Michigan
in print oos
2023 54 2 Altyn-Tyube, Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan: The Type Locality for Dioptase
The Crystal Cave, South Bass Island, Ottawa County, Ohio
A Scientific Consideration of the Absorption of Evil by Vivianite
Collector Profile: Steve Neely, Tennessee Connoisseur
in print oos
2023 54 3 The Bairendaba Deposit, Keshiketen District, Inner Mongolia, China
Young Mineral Collector Profile:
Adrien Sautier

The Nakhalak Mine, Anarak District, Esfahan Province, Iran
in print oos
2023 54 4 The Discovery, Repair and Exhibition of the Dragon Gold Specimen, Colorado Quartz mine, Mariposa County, California
Alpine Anyhydrite from the Simplon Tunnel, Switzerland
Still More from the Mim Mineral Museum Beirut, Lebanon
Hauerite from the Destricella mine near Raddusa, Catania, Sicily, Italy
in print oos
2023 54 5 The Dry Gill Mine, Caldbeck, Allerdale, Cumbria, England.
Alpine Pink Fluorite from the New Gotthard Road Tunnel, Switzerland
A good time was had: An Adventure in Provenance
Alexandre Stuer (1864–1926) Parisian
2023 54 6 Minerals of the Espirito, Santo Pegmatite District, Eastern Brazil
Discovering a new Crystal-Filled Cleft at Knappenloch, Weisseck, Lungau, Salzburg, Austria
Solomon W. Conrad, The first American Mineral Dealer
The World's First Museum
$ 30
2024 55 1 The Berbes Fluorite District, Asturias, Spain oos
2024 55 2 The Tintic District: Juab and Utah Counties, Utah
Ferrierite from the Kamloops Lake area,
southern British Columbia
2024 55 3      
2024 55 4      
2024 55 5      
2024 55 6      

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