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Here are some examples to show you how to find your way around this website with more than 200 catalogs that all have something to do with GEOLOGY!

1. Home Page

There are links on every page of this website to the home page.  Click on it to start new searches for other website pages.  If you get lost, click on home page to start over.

2. Catalogs on this Website or site map

Click on either of these and it will take you to a listing of all catalogs on this website. Click on any catalog that you might like to visit. Click on any other link of interest along the way.  Want to start over?  Click on Home Page.

3.  Want to search for geology of the Aleutian Islands?

You know the Aleutian Islands are part of Alaska.  Go to a list of all U.S. State Catalogs found on this website:  look for or click here:  United States Mining History & Geology

The page you come to will list all the states that are still available which have material remaining.  Please note that many states have two catalogs.  Example:  Alaska 1 has Federal Publications only.  Alaska 2 has state and miscellaneous publications only.   Pick on either Alaska 1 or Alaska 2  to see where you might find more about the Aleutian Islands.  Want to start over, go to the home page. 

4.   Want to have another way to find information about the Aleutian Islands?

This website and facility contains one of the largest depository of United States Geological Survey in the world.  To access all these publications click on USGS .  When you click on this link you will find links to all sorts of USGS publications. 

Another way to complete this Aleutian voyage is to click on one of the links under USGS: Let's try
USGS Bulletins.
 When USGS Bulletins opens, use your browser to search (or use the find button) one of the 5 pages of bulletins to quickly find "Aleutian".  You can use this search or find procedure on all catalogs. Please note that Alaska USGS publications are listed in two places on this website.  They are listed under Alaska 1 (Alaska federal publications) and under USGS publications.  This works for all states, i.e., you can access Montana USGS publications using the same method: Montana 1 or under USGS publications.

5.  You have probably heard about publications from Arcadia Publishing Company which have fantastic historical photographs from the past. 

I stock the ones having to do with famous geological or mining locations:  To go there click on this link or find it on the home page.  
The link to all of these publications is:  

These publications are listed as a group and under individual states also.  When finished, go to any link or back to the home page. 

If you are like me, you have always been fascinated by these two historic mining locations: Tristate and Upper Mississippi Valley Lead and Zinc mining.  Use these two direct links or find them on the home page.

Tristate Pb-Zn Mining:  Lead and Zinc Mining in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri

Upper Mississippi Valley Zn-Pb Ore Deposits: Zinc and Lead Mining in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. 

After using the above you will be find links quickly. 
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