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Minerals Science and Engineering:  A Review Journal from Johanesburg, South Africa

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Listed by volume, issue, year and contents:

1, 2, 1969
Atomic flame spectroscopy in trace analysis, part 1: Atomic-absorption spectroscopy
Liquid-liquid extraction
Nuclear reactor materials in South Africa

2, 1, 1970
Reduction of iron-rich chromite fines with ferrosilicon and aluminoferrosilican
Electrical methods for the separation of minerals
Atomic flame spectroscopy in trace analysis, part 2: Atomic-fluorescence spectroscopy

2, 2, 1970
Mathematical modelling of flotation processes
Density gradient columns with special reference to their application to model analysis
Neutron-activation analysis
The kinetics and mechanisms of solid gas reactions

2, 3, 1971
Automated nuclear activation metallurgy in geochemistry
Solvent extraction in extractive metallurgy
A review of techniques for the determination of gold and silver by atomic-absorption spectroscopy
The ferro-alloy industry: A review

2, 4, 1970
Mineralogy and the metallurgist
The primary tin deposits of Southeast Asia
Differential thermal analysis

3, 1, 1971
Techniques of micro-thermal analysis based on thermocouple as heating source and specimen holder
Electron beam microprobe analysis
Microprobe applications in mineral exploration and development programmes
Instrument and control of the specific gravity and the rheology of heavy-media suspensions

3, 3, 1971
The electrometallurgy of sulphides in aqueous solutions
A short description of the iron-titanium provinces in Norway with special reference to those in production
Zeta-potention studies in mineral processing: Measurement techniques and applications

3, 4, 1971
Vapour-phase transport reactions in extractionn metallurgy
Microprobes, metals, and minerals
Energy dispersion to the assessment of energy requirements and product size in comminution

4, 1, 1972
Pressure hydrometallurgy: A review
Long-distance pipeline transportation of solids in the mining industry
The thermodynamic behavior and phase diagrams of binary metallic systems

4, 2, 1972
Quantitative design of bins for reliable flow
A thermodynamic interpretation of the segragation process for copper and nickel ores
A review introduction to the solution of the grinding equations by digital compution

4, 3, 1972
Cordierite morphology, physical properties, structure, inclusions, and oriented intergrowth
Electrometallurgy of sulphides in aqueous solutions
Microbes, metals, and minerals
South African nickeliferous serpentinites
Treatment of slimes
Much more....

4, 4, 1972
The present status of separating and determining the noble metals
The production of liquid fuels from coal
A conceptual design for leaching of sulphidic uranium ore without reagents
Advances in the leaching of sulphide minerals
The production of high-carbon ferrochromium in a submerged-arc furnace

5, 1, 1973
The dissolution of copper concentrates
Magmatic sediments
The liquid-liquid extraction of nickel: A review
The localization of tin mineralization with reference to South Africa

5, 2, 1973
Carbonbonatites and kimberlites in Australia: A review of the evidence
Recent developments in the production of glass ceramics
The mechanism of flotation of galena by xanthates
The segregation process
Ionic conduction in solids
Carbonate minerals as precursors of new ceramics, metals and polymer materials for biomedical applications

5, 4, 1973
A reveiw of the measurement of streaming potentials
Some electrochemical and chemical studies related to froth flotation with xanthates
Research at elevated temperature and pressures in the geological sciences
Some thoughts on chemical transport processes, with particular reference to gold
Neutron-activation analysis of ore minerals

6, 1, 1974
The strength of clays at small moisture contents
Natural zeolites: Their properties, occurrence, and uses
Eh measurements in hydrometallurgical systems
Surface forces in flotation

6, 2, 1974
Ferric ion as a leaching medium
A key-diagram for the optical determination of common ore minerals
The effect of slag composition on the solubility of copper in smelting slags

8, 2, 1976
Rate phenomena in smelting and refining process
The iron-sulphur system
Mineralization at plate boundaries

8, 4, 1976
Fluorspar and fluorine compounds in high temperature smelting and refining of metals
The nature and significance of mineral inclusions in natural diamond: A review
Transvaal and Hamersley Basins: Review of basin development and mineral deposits

9, 1, 1977
Interstitial clay minerals - mode of occurrence and origin
A review of conventional and novel processes for the extraction of zirconia from zircon
The application of the reduction roast-ammoniacal ammonium carbonate leach to nickel laterites

9, 2, 1977
High temperature and high pressure polymorphs of silica: A review
The alkali problem in the blast furnace
The mineral resources of the Bushfeld Complex
A comment on the mineralization at plate boundaries

9, 3, 1977
Physical factors affecting recovery rates in flotation
Sulphide weathering and the evaluation of gossans in mineral exploration Plasma technology and its application to extractive metallurgy

9, 4, 1977
The role of dithiolates in the flotation of sulphide minerals
Coal in South Africa - Part 1. The quality of South Africa coal in relation to its uses and world energy resources
Proto-plate tectonics controlling the Precambrian deformations and metallogenetic epochs of northwestern peninsular India

10, 2, 1978
The characteristics of natural diamond and their interpretation
The present status of cathode luminescence as a tool in sedimentology
The production of stainless-steel in South Africa
Coal in South Africa, part III

10, 3, 1978
The hydrometallurgy of nickel extraction from sulphide ore
Stratiform copper deposits - evidence for their post-sedimentary origin
Theory and practice of geochemical prospecting for uranium
Automatic sorting of ores
Maximizing the recovery of gold from Witwatersrand ores

10, 4, 1978
Molecular and elemental analysis of the carbonaceous matter in the gold and uranium bearing Vaal Reef carbon seams, Witwatersrand sequence
A review of jaspilitic iron-ore deposits of the Yilgarn Block in Western Australia in relation to possible subdivisions of the Archean
Gitological aspects of the Adelaidean stratiform copper deposit
Benefication of phosphate rock, a state of the art review

11, 2, 1979
Computer models for the generation of Eh-pH diagrams
The Hall-Hêroult Process and alterative processes for the manufacture of tin, tungsten, columbium, and tantalum ores

11, 3, 1979
Fuzed-salt electrowinning and electrorefining of rare-earth and yttrium metals
Principles of roasting
Lithium: An energy element
Prospects for the expansion of stainless steel production in South Africa

11, 4, 1979
Development of instrumentation for the measurement of radon, thoron, and their daughters in uranium mines and in the environment
Mass transport with chemical reactions
Distribution of uranium in early gold-bearing conglomerates of the Kaapval Craton, South Africa: A review of a case study for the application of fission track micromapping of uranium

12, 1, 1980
The behavior of aggregates in stirred vessels
Application of the segregation process to roasted copper concentrates
Estimating global ore reserves in a single deposits

12, 2, 1980
Status and future possibilities for the recovery of uranium, thorium and rare earths from Canadian ores, with emphsis on the problem of radium
Calcareous phosphates and their calcined products
Activated carbons and gold - A literature survey

12, 3, 1980
Deep fluid penetration and ore deposition
Theory and practice of copper sulphide leaching in dumps and in-situ

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