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Mineral Association of Canada (MAC) Catalog

The Canadian Mineralogist

Issues are listed by volume, issue, and year. Selected papers are noted for each issue.  Not every paper is listed for every issue.
Issues listed below through volume 20 are priced at $ 10 each

10, 3, 1970 / Internal structures and geological setting of the three agpaitic intrusions: Khibina and Lovozero of the Kola Peninsula and Ilímaussaq, South Greenland; The differentiation of agpaitic magmas: the Ilímaussaq Intrusion, South Greenland; Experimental studies bearing on the origin of the alkalic rock - Carbonatite complex and niobium mineralization at Oka, Quebec; Phase relations in portions of the system diopside-nepheline-kalsilite-silica and their importance in the genesis of alkaline rocks; Monteregian alkalic magnetism and the St. Lawrence rift system in space and time

10, 4, 1970 / Manganese nodules from the Challenger Expedition at Redpath Museum; The effect of charge-transfer processes on the colour and pleochroism of amphiboles; Compositional variations in cookeite; Synthetic FeS2-CuS2 solid solution and fukuchilite-like minerals; Calculated phase relations in the system CaCO3-SRCO3; A chemical study of some synthetic potassium-hydronium jarosites

12, 1, 1973 / Kinetics of the crystallization of garnet at two localities near Yellowknife; Tulameenite, a new platinum-iron-copper mineral from placers in the Tulameen River Area, British Columbia; The stability of gaspeite in inert atmospheres and in air; On the transformation of cubanite; The crystal structure of a titaniferous clinohumite; Tin sulphides from the deposit of Brunswick Tin Mines Limited; Mattagamite and tellurantimony, two new telluride minerals from Mattagami Lake Mine, Matagami Area, Quebec

12, 2, 1973 / Plagioclase feldspar determination in a nonequilibrium system; Electron microprobe investigation of copper sulphides in the Precambrian Lewis Series of Southwestern Alberta; Extinction coefficients of Fe+2 spectral bands in oxides and silicates as indicators of local crystal composition; Chemical zoning in garnets of the Kashabowie Group, Shebandowan, Ontario; Pseudoleucite from plutonic alkalic rock - carbonatite complexes

12, 3, 1974 / Argentian pentlandite from Bird River, Manitoba; Crystal chemistry of natural pentlandites; Laumontite and barian-strontian heulandite from the Blairemore Group (Cretaceous), Alberta; Temagamite, a new palladium-mercury telluride from the Temagami copper deposit, Ontario; Investigations in the Pb-Sb-S System; The occurrence of vlasovite in Canada; Crystal chemistry and nomenclature of pumpellyites and julgoldites

12, 4, 1973 / Hilairite, a new mineral from Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec; Crystal structure refinement of millerite; An experimental study of iron-magnesium exchange between biotite and clinopyroxene; The crystal structure of antimonian hauchecornite from Westphalia; Sudburyite, a new palladium-antimony mineral from Sudbury, Ontario; Ruthenarsenite and iridarsenite, two new minerals from the Territory of Papua and New Guinea and associated irarsite, laurite, and cubic iron-bearing platinum

12, 5, 1974 / Caysichite, a new silico-carbonate of yttrium and calcium; The ahlfeldite-cobaltomenite series; Sphalerite geobarometry of some metamorpphosed orebodies in the Flin Flon and Snow Lake Districts, Manitoba; Volarite in some nickel ores from Lynn Lake and Thompson, Manitoba, and Sudbury, Ontario; The present status of the analcime-pollucite series; Burbankite from Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec; Solid solution in the wagnerite structure

12, 6, 1974 / Observations on acanthite, aguilarite and naumannite; The optical absorption spectra of tourmaline: Importance of charge-transfer processes; Compositional and structural variations in garnierites; Rhodium, platinum, and gold alloys from the Stillwater Complex; An authenic quartz-calcite-rutile assemblage in Ordovician limestones; Pinchite, a new mercury oxychloride from Terlingua, Texas

13, 1, 1975 / Textural and compositional variations in a Ni-Co-As assemblage; The crystal structures of three Canadian vesuviantes; Mineralogy and geology of the Zgounder silver deposit in Morocco; Beryl from the granitic pegmatites of a P2/n titanium ferro-omphacite; Twin laws versus electrical and optical characters in low quartz; Crystal structure of a natural titanomagnetite

Issues are listed by volume, issue, and year. Selected papers are noted.  Not every paper is listed for every issue.
All issues below starting with volume 21 listed below are priced at $ 15 each

33, 1, 1995 / Parakhinite: crystal structure and revision of chemical formula; The crystal structure of wattersite; Peterbaylissite, a new mineral species from the Clear Creek Claim, San Benito, California; Selwynite, a new gainesite-like mineral from Wycheproof, Victoria, Australia; A reinvestigation of bolivarite and evansite; Spectoscopic data on coexisting prehnite-pumpellyite and epidote-pumpellyite; Metamorphism of arsenopyrite - pyrite - pyrrhotite lenses, western Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia; Composition and occurrence of electrum at the Morning Star deposit, San Bernardino County, California

34, 4, 1996 / Silver in sulfide chimneys and mounds from 13oN and 21oN, East Pacific Rise; Feruvite from the Sullivan Pb-Zn-Ag deposit, British Columbia; Fibrous foitite from San Piero in Campo, Elba, Italy; Geochemistry of cassiterite and its inclusions and exsolution products from tin and tungsten in Portugal; The structure of sabinaite; The atomic arrangement of iimoiite; The crystal structure of spiroffite; Magnesium hornblende from a metamorphosed ultramafic body in southwest Finland: crystal chemistry and petrological implications

36, 3, 1998 / The composition of chrysotile and its relationship with lizardite;The occurrence of two rare polytypes of wurtzite, 4H and 8H, at Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec; The crystal chemistry of aegirine from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec; The accumulation of rare-earth and high-field-strength elements in peralkaline granitic rock: the Galiñeiro orthogneissic complex, northwest Spain; New data on metamorphic chlorite as a petrogenetic indicator mineral, with special regard to greenschist-facies rocks; Hydrothermal synthesis of a Cs ferruginous trioctahedral mica

36, 4 , 1998 / Apatite as a monitor of fractionation, degassing, and metamorphism in the Sudbury igneous complex, Ontario; Morphology of chiolite twins from the Morefield Mine, Amelia County, Virginia; The structure of boltwoodite and implications of solid solution toward sodium boltwoodite; Crystallogrpahy, mineral chemistry and chemical nomenclature of goldfieldite, the tellurian member of the tetrahedrite solid-solution series; An occurance of tobermorite in Tertiary basalts from Patagonia, Chile

36, 5, 1998 / The crystal structure of blatterite, and structural hierarchy in Mn+3 bearing zigzag borates; Distinction of jarosite-group compounds by Raman spectroscopy; Carbonate groups in davyne: structural and crystal-chemical consideration; Refinement of the structure of tienshanite: short-range-order constraints on chemical composition; Distribution of gold in tin-rich samples from the Corvo orebody, Portugal; The nature of invisible gold in sulfides from the Xiangxi Au-Sb-W ore deposit in northwest Hunan, China

37, 1, 1999 / Measuring mineral abundance in skarn; As, Sb, Be and Ce enrichment in minerals from a metamorphosed Fe-Mn Deposit, Val Ferrera, Eastern Swiss Alps; Esperanzaite, a new mineral species from the La Esperanza Mine, Mexico, descriptive mineralogy and atomic arrangement; Crystal structure of wooldridgeite, a novel copper pyrophosphate mineral; Sr-bearing perovskite and loparite from lamproite and agpaitic nepheline; New data on the mercury oxide-chloride mineral poyarkovite: the second find, and crystal-structure determination; Mineralogy and geochemistry of Proterozoic alkaline basaltic intrustions, southwestern Alberta

37, 2, 1999 / Mineral scale processes in metamorphic petrology: The Kretz volume; Experimental evidence for the effect of defects on the luminescence of synthetic calcite; Kyanite in the western Superior Province of Ontario: Implications for Archean accretionary tectonics; Cordierite - anthophyllite - cummingtonite rocks from the Lar Deposit, Laurie Lake, Manitoba; Forward modeling of metamorphic textures; Geochemistry and textures of metasomatic combs and orbicules in ultramafic rocks, Namew Lake, Manitoba; Crystal-chemical and thermal controls on trace-element partioning between coexisting garnet and biotite in metamorphic rocks from western Labrador; Quartz and feldspar microstructures in metamorphic rocks

37, 3, 1999 / Carrollite and related minerals of the linnaeite group: solid solutions and nomenclature in the light of new data from the Siegerland District, Germany; Tellurides from the Paleoproterozoic Omai gold deposit, Guiana Shield; Pyrite and vivianite intervals in the bottom sediments of eurtrophic Baptiste Lake, Alberta; Hydrothermal REE-rich eudialyte from the Pilanesberg Complex, South Africa; Uvarovite in podiform chromitite: the Moa-Baracoa ophiolitic massif, Cuba; The crystal structure of choloalite; The crystal structure of darapiosite and a comparison with Li- and Zn-bearing minerals of the milarite group; Redetermination of the crystal structure of hanawaltite

37, 4, 1999 / The crystal chemistry of the rudialyte group; Khomyakovite and manganokhomyakovite, two new members of the eudialyte group from Mont Saint-Hilare, Quebec; Labuntsovite: solid solutions and features of the crystal structure; Crystal structure determination of twinned kettnerite; Refinement of the crystal structure of rutherfordine; The crystal structure of ludwigite; Disclinations in unusual graphite crystals from anorthosites of Ukraine; The structural formula of talc from the Trimouns deposit, Pyrenees, France; Tourmaline compositions from the Salikvan property Cu-Mo deposit and vicinity, northeastern Turkey

39, 3, 2001 / Spodumene - petalite - eucryptite: mutual relationships and pattern of alteration in Li-rich aplite-pegmatite dykes from northern Portugal; Bigcreekite: A new barium silicate mineral species from Fresno County, California; Compositional variation in mercurian tetrahedrite-tennantite from the epithermal deposits of the Steens and Pueblo Mountains, Harney County, Oregon; Mineralogy of sulfosalt-rich vein-type ores, Boliden massive sulfide deposit, Skellefte district, northern Sweden; Phase relations in the system Au-Cu-Ag at low temperatures, based on natural assemblages

39, 5, 2001 / A bond-valence approach to the structure, chemistry and paragenesis of hydroxy-hydrated oxysalt minerals. I. Theory, II. Crystal structure and chemical composition of borate minerals, III. Paragenesis of borate minerals; The crystal structure of neyite; The crystal structure of paarite; Superposed paragenesis in the spurrite-, tilleyite-, and gehlenite- bearing skarns

42, 2, 2004 / PLATINUM-GROUP ELEMENTS: PETROLOGY, GEOCHEMISTRY, MINERALOGY, contains 29 research papers about the petrology, geochemistry, or mineralogy of deposits of the platinum group elements (PGE); most of these papers were presented at the 9th International Platinum Symposium held in Billings, Montana, in 2002

43, 1, 2005 / TRUTH AND BEAUTY IN METAMORPHISM: A TRIBUTE TO DUGALD M. CARMICHAEL- Thematic Issue on Metamorphism, Metamorphic thermodynamics and phase equilibria; fluids and trace elements; petrology and structure; application of metamorphic petrology to tectonics

43, 5, 2005 / S3: SULFIDES, STRUCTURES, AND SYNCHROTRON LIGHT, A Symposium in honor of Michael E. I. Fleet held in St. Cartharines, Ontario in 2004, contains 24 papers covering crystal structure analysis, mineralogy and geochemistry of platinum-group minerals and associated sulfides and oxides, to high-pressure mineralogy and spectroscopic methods such as electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy and assorted synchrontron based techniques]

Special Publications

SP 2 / de Fourestier, J. / GLOSSARY OF MINERAL SYNONYMS, The Canadian Mineralogist Special Publication 2, Ottawa, 1999, cl, 434 pages, - 2 -, these are new books with a tiny abrasion or two to the front board or spine, contents mint, $ 50

End of the Canadian Association of Mineralogy Catalog.

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