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Mineralium Deposita - International Journal for Geology, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits, Offical Bulletin of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits

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1, 1, 1986 / Mineralium Deposita - Aufgaben und ziele by P. Ramdohr; The isotonic constitution of sulfur in some stratiform lead-zinc ores; Zur geologie der varisziden und ihrer Lagerstätten im Südanatolischen Taurs; Stratigraphic-structural-paleoclimatic controls of the newly discovered iron ore deposits of Western Australia; Ion-reactions on clay minerals and cation selective membrane properties as a possible mechanism of economic metal concentration

1, 2, 1986 / Mercury dispersion halos as ore guides for massive sulfide deposits, West Shasta District, California, Origin of dolomite in sedimentary sequences: A critical analysis; Ferromagnetismus des kassiterits und seine lagerstättenkundliche Bedeutung; Magnetism in cassiterite

1, 3, 1966 / Colour measurements in ore-microscopy; Präparationstechnik für Aufbereitungsprodukte zur quantitativen erzmikroskopishchen Untersuchung; Formation of mineral deposits in relation to structural developments of the Kaapvaal Craton; Basische und ultrabasische einschlüsse im Durbachit von Pisek und ihre Vererzung

1, 4, 1967 / Géochimie de l’or exogeène - Etude expérimentale de la formation des dispersions colloidales d’or et de leur stabilité; Geochemistry and origin of “platinum-nuggets” in lateritic covers from ultrabasic rocks and birbirites of W. Ethiopia; Phase relations and mineral assemblages in the Ag-Bi-Pb-S System; Orientation of framboidal pyrite in shale

2, 1, 1967 / Sulphide neomagmas and highly metamorphosed sulphide deposits; Linnaeite from the Precambrian Raipas Group of Finnmark, Norway: An investigation with the electron microscope; Note Préliminaire concernant la genèse du gisement de mercure d’Amadén, Province de Ciudad Réal, Espagne; Stylolites of diagenetic age and their role in interpretation of the Southern Illinois fluorspar deposits

2, 2, 1967 / Sur le magmatisme et les Minéralisations hydrothemales du Massif de Bohême; Evidence for sulfurization and the origin of some Sudbury-type ores; Genetische probleme der Zinn-Wolfram-Vererzung im Erzgebirge; La pegmatite redioactive à béryl de Kobokobo et les autres venues pegmatitques et fioniennes de la région de Kamituga-Kivu-Congo; Geology and mineral deposits of Chile

2, 3, 1967 / The origins and aims of the Baas-Backing Laboratory; Microorganisms and the natural environment; The inhibition of microorganisms by heavy metals; biological sulphate reduction; oxidation of sulphur in soils; Sulphide synthesis and ore genesis; Metamorphism and its effects on sulphide assemblages; Cobalt, nickel and selenium in sulphides as indicators of ore genesis

2, 4, 1967 / Montangeologishe probleme lateritischer Manganerz-Lagerstätten; Les pegmatites du Maniema dt du Rwanda et les roches de transition entre les aplites et les pegmatites du Maniema; Metallogenetic epochs and provinces of Bolivia; Structural control and history of origin of hydrothermal metallogeny in Western Cuba; Early diagenetic framboidal pyrite, bravoite and vaesite from the Cave-in-Rock fluorospar District, Soouthern Illinois

3, 1, 1968 / The pre-evaluation of the possible profitability of exploration prospects; On the textures and paragenesis of the gold-quartz-tourmaline veins of Ondonoc, W. Ethiopia; Kontinentalverschiebung und Erzprovinzen; Primary cut-and-fill channels and gravitational diagenetic features

3, 2, 1968 / Ore relations in the Cuyuna sulfide deposit, Minnesota; Les structures gigognes: morphologie mathématique et interprétation métallogénique; Accuracy limits of palaeo magnetic chronology; Neue Untersuchungsergebnisse zur Genese der im õstlichen teil der erzprovinz von Cartagene (Spanien) gelegenen Blei-Zinkerz-Vorkmommen

3, 3, 1968 / Some genetic aspects of the Mt. Lyell (Tasmania) mineralisation; The theory of metasomatic zoning; Artificial diagenesis in quartz sand and carbonate rocks; Applicability of Palaemagnetism of pyrrhotite to ore-genetic studies; The system Pb-Az-S. Composition of Jordanite

4, 1, 1969 / The Chemistry of Pyrite formation in aqueous solutions and its relation to the deposital environment; Phase changes in aged sesquioxide gels and some analogies with katamorphic processes; The bases of a scheme for identification of ore minerals by optical methods

4, 4, 1069 / Volcanic activity related to the formation of the Kuroko-type Deposits, in the Kosaka District, Japan; Paragenetic evolution in Peejay Field, British Columbia; Stratabound Barite Deposits in Nevada

5, 1, 1970 / New primary vanadium-, germanium-, gallium-, and tin-minerals from the Pb-Zn-Cu-deposit, Tsumeb, South West Africa; The system Ag-Fe-S: Phase equilibrium and mineral assemblages; Paragenetic Relations of some Cu-Fe-Sn-sulfides in the Mangualde Pegmatite, North Portugal; Some new lead oxide minerals and Murdochite from the T. Khuni Mine, Anarak, Iran

5, 2, 1970 / Banded sulphide ores: The experimental production of monomineralic sulphide bands in sediments; Mississippi Valley type lead-zinc ores; Dykes, sulphide deposits, and regional metamorphism: Criteria for determining their time relationship; Origin of trace element distribution patterns in sulfides of the central and Bingham Districts, Western U.S.A.; Some thoughts on the origin and processes responsible for the concentration of gold in the early Precambrian of South Africa

5, 3, 1970 / On the isotopic sulfur composition of some Precambrian Strata; Pre-metamorphic folded chromite deposits of stratiform type in the early Precambrian of West Greenland; Mineralogy, geochemistry, and genesis of the bauxite deposits on the Gove and Mitchell Plateaux, Northern Australia; Mineralogy of volcanics and Pyritite in the Iberian Pyrite belt; On the ore-deposition and geochemistry of manganese

5, 4, 1970 / Die hercynische geosynklinalerzbildung in den rumänischen Karpaten und ihre Beziehungen zu der hercynischen metallogense Mitteleuropas; Minerais et skarns dans les auréoles de métamorphisme; Geology of Bogala Mine, Ceylon, and the origin of vein-type graphite

6, 1, 1971 / Relations entre la structure des massifs granitiques et al distribution de l’uranium dans le Morvan; The effects of temperature, pressure, and oxygen on copper and iron sulphides synthesised in aqueous solution; A simple Gibbsite analyzer for rapid field determination of the available alumina content in bauxites; Migration of trace elements during contact metamorphism in the Santa Rosa Range, Nevada, and its bearing on the origin of ore deposits associated with granitic intrusions

6, 2, 1971 / On the striation developed in Cubanite by heating, a criterion for thermometamorphism; Betekhtinite and bi-sulfosalts from the copper mine of “La Leona” (Argentina); Some aspects of the regional metamorphc mobilization of preexisting sulfide deposits

6, 3, 1971 / Cobalt zoning in microscopic pyrite from Kamoto, Republic of the Congo; Zur Kenntnis der schichtgebundenen Wolfram-Molybdän-Vererzung im Örsdalen(Rogaland), Norway; The Mount Nansen gold-silver deposit, Yukon Territory, Canada; Zur interpretation von pyrrhotin-gefügen; Jarosite-Goethite Stabilites, at 25oC, 1ATM

6, 4, 1971 / Genesis of the Weipa bauxite deposits, Australia; The iron-tungsten-sulphur system and its geological application; Occurrence of zinc in granitic biotites; Primary distribution of silver and copper in native gold from six deposits in the Western U.S.; Hydrothermal synthesis and consideration of the genesis of Malayaite; Some replacement phenomena in copper-nickel sulphide ores; Les minerais de magnétite et les skarns du Ginevro (lle d’Elbe, Italie)

7, 1, 1972 / Microcrystalline sphalerite in resin globules suspended in Lake Kivu, East Africa; textural and chemical evidence bearing on Sulphide-silicate reactions in metasediments; Über die Rolle Mikroorganismen bei der Entstehung und Zerstörung von Lagerstätten; Reef facies, dolomitization and stratified mineralization

12, 2, 1977 / Geochemical properties of gold and conditions of its endogenic concentration; Evidence for, and implications of, a primary FeS phase in the Lead-Zinc bearing sediments at Mount Isa; Syndepositional and diagenetic features in the pyrite ores of Omjhore, Bihar, India; Metallogeny of deep lineaments and new global tectonics; Crystallographic data for authigenic phillipsite from manganese nodules

13, 3, 1978 / Small scale gold distribution patterns in the Precambrian Kimberly Reef Placer: A case-study a Marievale GMC, East Rand Goldfield, South Africa; Distribution of rutile in metamorphic rocks and implications for placer deposits; Proximal and distal stratabound ore deposits; The Kirkland-Larder Lake Stratiform Carbonatite; On the application of the Hübnerite: Ferberite ratio as a geothermometer; Relationship between primary iron sulphide species, sulphur source, depth of formation and age of submarine exhalative sulphide deposits

14, 1, 1979 / The Geochemistry of a lenticular manganese ore deposit; Polymetamorphism of ore in Precambrian Stratiform massive sulfide deposits at Ambaji-Deri, Western India; Distribution of copper, cobalt, and nickel in ores and host-rocks, Ingladhal, Karnataka, India; Some aspects of ore formation in Ultramafics; Geochemistry of some Cornubian Cassiterites; Uranium/Daughter Disequilibrium in the Koongarra Uranium Deposit, Australia; Serpentines as a possible source of the Adola Placer Gold, Sidamo, Ethiopia

14, 3, 1979 / Contributions to the mineralogy of authigenic manganese phases from marine manganese deposits; On the model of Mn, Fe, Ni. Co ore formation in recent basins: Experiments with the synthesis of Me-Hydroxide phases on Mn3O4; A revaluation of the Co/Ni ratio in pyrite as geochemical tool in ore genesis problems, Evidences from Southern Tuscany pyritic deposits

15, 1, 1980 / Genesis of upper Proterozoic stratabound copper mineralization, Kapunda, South Australia; Plate tectonic processes that governed the mineralization of the Eastern Alps; Tin distribution in the mid-Atlantic volcanic rocks; Syngenetic sulphide minerals in a copper-rich bog; The time related occurrence of uranium deposits; Modes of occurrence of provenance of gemstone in Sri Lanka; Geochemical study of soils and metallogenetic implications at Hiemdelaencina, Guadalajara, Spain

15, 2, 1980 / Geologic setting, genesis and transformation of sulfide deposits in the Northern part of Khetri Copper Belt, Rajasthan, India; Stratiform copper in the late Proterozoic Boorloo Delta, South Australia; Lithologic and stratigraphic setting of zinc mineralization in Grenville metasediments, Quebec; Arsenopyrite and sphalerite as T-P indicators in sulfide ores from Northern Sweden; Primary depositional and diagenetic features in the banded iron formation and associated iron-ore deposits of Noamundi, Singhbhum District, Bihar, India; Chromite growth, dissolution and deformation from a morphological view point: SEM investigations

16, 1, 1981 / Primary uranophane from the Ambrosia Lake Uranium District, Grants, New Mexico; Pilabara Galenas: Precise isotopic assay of the oldest Australian leads, Model ages and growth curve implications; Application of the sphalerite geobsarometer to some skarn-type ore deposits; Microfossils from the Proterozoic Urquhart Shale, Mount Isa, Queensland, and their significance in relation to the depositional environment, diagenesis, and mineralisation; Structural corridors in Landsat lineament interpretation; The genesis of sediment-hosted, exhalative zinc + lead deposits; Polyphase deformation of the massive sulphide ore of the Black Angel Mine, Central West Greenland

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